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Russian women and foreign men

What Russian women think of men from different countries.

Russian women, a unique Russian soul and personality, dating or marrying a Russian woman, has for long been a controversial topic among psychologists, sociologists, international marriage brokers and men from different countries.

We have been trying to collect some facts on various aspects of life in Russia, Russian society and Russian women in particular. The information we post here might prove the wide-spread stereotypes, some contradicts them. You may easily find tons of opinions about Russian women varying from admiration to mere contempt.

It would be more difficult to get some true opinion what Russian women think of foreign men though. Russian women are ususally quite tolerant, thus they may not tell you openly when come across some uncomfortable behavior, traditions, mentality or the code of behavior in the foreign country. After spying for some time on various internet forums and blogs to see what Russian women think of foreign men from different countries we are here to present you some generalized results.

Russian women opinions about Americans.

The first stereotype American men face from the Russian population is that they are all rich. Movies and other mainstream media, like music videos and TV shows, depict very lavish extravagancies as the norm in the United States American men are portrayed in the media as being very wealthy, they are also portrayed as being big travelers, jetting off here and there for business or vacation. Russian women will think Americans have been everywhere, and know everything. This might be because of comparisons to Europeans, who can hop on a train and be across a national border in minutes.

Another thing Russian women will expect is that your family is just as big as hers, and just as close. Many of them were raised in a large household, likely sharing a room with a sibling or relative their whole lives. She will be used to a culture that embraces a tight family life, never sending older members of the family to a home or nursing facility.

Russian women admit that American men are very hard working and are often highly skilled professionals; however they lack general knowledge about the world history, culture, literature and have naive perception of Russia, imposed by the media.

American men make an impression of very social and communicative guys; however do not eagerly share personal information. They expect women to lead equally in relationship, which often surprises Russian women. Typical American men are very polite, considerate, like to smile, which is not habitual for "gloomy Russians" (Read more about Russian character stereotype).

Young Russian women that have been to the USA, especially southern states have noticed the surprising number of nice-looking, fit and handsome young Americans, whereas the others think American men are often overweight. On the positive side Russian women are impressed that American men do sports a lot and take care of their health, which is unlikely for many men from Post Soviet countries.

The thing that impresses Russian women a lot is the attitude to the family and children American men demonstrate: women confess how much Americans love they children, and are actually present in their daily life. Russian women quite frequently remark that American men are more loyal to wives. Equal sharing of household chores in the American family and nation's men willingness to take on work about the house and taking care of children is what Russian women really envy. Modern Russian family portrait is somewhat different.

Attention! The thing Russian women really can't swallow in the relationship with American men is that they are often obsessed with themselves and focused on constant discussing of their personality, thoughts, feeling and emotions with a woman. Even the mothering character of a Russian woman ( which is one of popular Russian women myths) does not help tolerate this. Some Russian women however see it as a plus that American men do not feel ashamed to weep and be sentimental

The majority of Russian women highly appreciate that American men have a brilliant sense of humor, do not take offence on any minor occasion, rarely find faults with women, are great fathers and tend to solve any problems in a peaceful way. Besides, they are in general are more relaxed and less nervous then Russians.

Russian women opinions of Italian men

Pasta and women are the two pleasures for an Italian man. Generally Italian men are viewed by Russian women as charming, sexy, passionate, flirtatious, romantic, perfect gentlemen, handsome, masculine, sleek, open and considerate.

Italian men seem to have the cult of love. They're not in love if only they are dead and flirt until they can breathe. Russian women admit that Italians demonstrate a real art of courting a woman and would do everything or almost everything to win her. Italians would hardly understand if they are not immediately fallen in love with. Since the stereotype imposes that all women are crazy about Italian men. Many Italians are absolutely sure that it would be enough to say "I'm Italian" to pick up a woman.

Italian men are extremely concerned of their looks and fashion and love themselves a lot.

Russian women are well aware of the famous cultural stereotype of Italian men - notorious life commitment to and dependence on moms. Italian men value family relations, and love their children a lot. The divorce does not make a change in this attitude. They remain very loving fathers and teach the kids to love their mother no matter what. On the other hand they remain mummy's boys till end of their lives. Besides they are accused of having much adultery during family life.

Russian women think that Italian men are life-loving, humorous, intellectual, read much and understand poetry. They are also passionate about football.


Die to cultural and religious difference and location Indian men are not what Russian women know much of. The knowledge of India was limited by the cult of Indian female politician Indira Gandhi during the Soviet times. The country image was also influenced by very popular Indian films, which portray the beautiful country, touching songs and exotic dances. The films always show extremely romantic men that drop the tears of love.

Indian men are actively promoted by Russian feminist writer Maria Arbatova, who was married for a Indian for several years. She thinks that Indian men make best husbands fir Russian women.

They are tender, open, responsible, emotional and caring. Arbatova insists that Indian men are brought up in a different way than eastern ones. They are not arrogant and have a similar personality to Russians - open, dreamy and tend to be lazy. Indian men integrate better and are able to create friendly relationship in the family. The Russian women admit that Indian men do not generally abuse alcohol and can work hard.

The strong religious traditions of the country and slovenly nature of Indians are among their negative features.

The Swedish men

Most Russian women ever having relationship, living in the country and observing the nation's men are sure that Swedish men are real partners and can create healthy environment in the family. What amazes Russian women most is the willingness of Swedish men to share all the family duties equally and with pleasure, be it cooking or taking care of the children. On the other hand the Swedish equality of sexes usually suggests equal financial participation of a woman. Paying her share of the restaurant bill is what Russian women are not used to on a date. Another amazing thing about Swedish men is they are crazy about healthy life style.

On the negative side some Russian women complain that Swedish men do not openly show their emotions and share their feelings. They can be slow, dull and humorless.

The German men

Dating services provide the statistic that German men are second popular fiances after Americans among the 'Russian mail order brides'. Let's look what Russian women think of nation's males. Surprisingly Russian women have lots of negative remarks about Germans. The frequent opinion is that German men, like many men in Europe, are somewhat boring, pessimistic, lack personality and imagination and take themselves too seriously. They are also far too soft and shy, maybe due to highly emancipated women in Germany.

Russian women also complain that Germans are too thrifty, annoyingly rational and punctual, uptight, lack romance, have a rule for every occasion, and love to argue.

On the positive side Russian women admit there are many handsome and sporty men in Germany. German men have strong family values are loyal to their wives and make caring and reliable husbands. They are also very tidy, responsible and accurate. Can be romantic and sentimental, show respect and consideration to the woman.

Chinese men

China economic growth in the 21st century has increased financial stability of Chinese men and their popularity among Russian women.

The recent survey showed that Russian women would welcome Chinese men as partners and husbands. The reasons are simple: Chinese men take full responsibility for the family, they do not abuse alcohol, work hard, share domestic chores equally and can cook. Besides, they are very reliable and caring to the woman and make excellent fathers. Childish naivety does not spoil the general impression.

Japanese men

Japanese men are somewhat very exotic for Russian women and appear a big surprise because of a very little knowledge of the country culture and mentality.

Japanese men are approached a difficult to have relationship with. Even Russian women that come from traditional and patriarchal society are shocked by male domination in Japan.

Russian women describe Japanese men as quite shy, having little experience with women and little passion . They never express love and have little interest to the sex... in the family life. They avoid fight and conflicts, which is an advantage, but escape the sincere talk as well and can make life extremely dull.

French men

The vision of French men is always associated with brilliant French actors like Daniel Auteuil, Gerard Depardieu, Jean Reno, Alain Delon, the French idol for many Russian women of older generation, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Vincent Perez and others. They create an image of an irresistible, passionate, handsome and elegant, having a brilliant sense of humor, romantic, flirtatious fellows and best lovers ever.

Let's see if Russian women support this stereotype. Many Russian women agree that French men dress impeccably, have a distinct sense of elegance and take care of themselves. They are considerate and know how to win a woman. They are sensitive, expressive, brave, temperamental and romantic, tolerant and joyful, can cook very well and behave like gentlemen. Besides, they can willingly share house chores, are good fathers and have family at the top of their priority list. Oh, they do not drink beer or love football.

On the other hand according to Russian women observations, French men are secretive, too penny-wise and arrogant, a bit feminine (this is truly a minus in the eyes of a Russian woman), can be real downers and tend to be high maintenance.

English men

Dating services try to convince that English men make best husbands for Russian women. They are decent, loyal to the wives are never aggressive towards a woman, take care of their health, love travelling and having a hobby, can compromise, are very reliable, patient and keep their word, have good manners and a sense of humor. Many Russian women agree with this. They also add that Englishmen are very rational, are usually financially secure, love music and do not mind cooking.

The negative complaints include that English men are too conservative and follow the rules overmuch, lack romance, never show emotions, can be careless about the way they look and do not like elegant things considering them poufy. Besides, they are not very sexual.

Middle East men

Middle East men are what Russian women can fall for enchanted by their gallant courting, spicy looks and sincere admiration for Russian women. Yet, strong male domination is a top feature of the makes from the Middle East countries. Not many women can accept this. The family ties are very strong; the religion and national traditions are very different from the ones in Russian society.


Do Russian women like black men and Afro-Americans? Some do. And the Olympiad children in Russia prove this. Attitude towards African people were generally neutral during the Soviet Union, because of its internationalist agenda Today the image of Russian racists is created and supported by mass media a lot. Most Russians are not that though and approach different races friendly. There are 40,000-70,000 Afro-Russians in the country according to various statistics sources. The Metis Foundation estimates that there are about 40,000 mixed-race Russians. Another source states that Afro-Russians number only 14,000 out of 146 million, which is only one-hundredth of 1% of the country population. Taken into account how big Russia is, this is a very small part of population and locals in many areas never come across them. Russian TV and show business seems to welcome Afro-Russians and they often have success on the scene and TV. Besides, everybody knows that the best Russian poet ever - Alexander Pushkin - had African background.


This article has to be taken with humor as any social generalizations are often inaccurate when it comes to real people, places and situations. Every nation has plenty of nice men, yet the stereotypes of the particular society make a distinct behavior pattern socially acceptable.

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