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What do Russian women want? What do Russian women love?

What do Russian women like? Short simple answers to evergreen questions.

Russian women want Love Russian women want Attention Russian women want to be beautiful Do Russian women like money? Russian women like flowers and gifts Russian women like compliments Russian women love to cook | Russian women love men Russian women love children and family Russian women love to travel Russian women love pets Russian women love nature Russian women love their country

You know what I want? - Asked the woman.
Everything! - replied the man.
...To start with, clarified woman.

It is believed that women themselves have no idea what they want. For all the seeming transparency and obviousness of women's desires - there is a deep and complex motivation for them, of which a rare woman is aware. Of course Russian women are not an exception from this rule. But we still will try to identify the set of requirements and wishes of a Russian girl. By the way, no living man would ever cover a full list of women's demands. In the best case, only half of it.

Russian women want Love

Russian women want to love and be loved. Confident Russian women desire to start a family does not mean that they agree to create it without love. Rather, the Russian woman will be able to convince herself that love than she admits to herself that she creates a family of practical or some other reasons.

And from the man a woman expects manifestations of true love, which is considered in Russia an integral part of the family. This means that a man will not allow himself to be late for a date with her. He will not allow his woman carrying heavy bags. He did not allow her to pay for herself in a restaurant and he won't let anyone hurt her. If you intend to behave differently in relations with the Russian woman then you should not expect her feelings.

Russian women want Attention (care)

Your love and care must not contain moralism (e.g., "do not eat it, but then you get fat" or "do not do this, or think badly of you"). Love involves admiration, the compliments, the desire to notice her advantages, her drawbacks being ignored, and the desire to notice her state of health and the slightest movement of her soul.

When it is cold, close the window, or nestle your woman with the jacket or shawl. Open an umbrella when it started to rain. Give her a hand, open the door for her, help her to wherever she is needed. All this stuff Russian women expect from the man justly. Of course, if this man is counting on a special attitude. In response, the men receive the same care in the address.

The family in Russia is not just a pair of independent personalities, competing with each other, but a man and a woman, who, being very different, complement each other, feel the mutual love and support, and not an infringement of their personality. That is why feminism is not popular in Russia.

Russian women want to be beautiful. Russian women love beautiful clothes and jewelry

All women want to be beautiful, but especially Russian. Perhaps this is due to the fact that since childhood, parents give girls to feel they are future women. In Russia, the boys grow up real men, and girls - real women. There are special holidays in Russia for men (23 February) and for women (8 March) that celebrate since kindergarten. With girls from birth buy all pink and the boys all blue; parents buy dolls for girls and cars - for boys. Girls interested in fashion, dance, make-up, painting, and boys in toy cars, guns, robots and computer games.

And although each retains its individuality, in general, we can say that the beautiful clothes and jewelry are loved by all Russian women, especially if they are presented as a gift from the man she loved.

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