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What do Russian women love? What do Russian women want?

What do Russian women like? Short simple answers to everlasting questions.

Russian women love men Russian women love children and family Russian women love to travel Russian women love pets Russian women love nature Russian women love their country Russian women want Love Russian women want Attention Russian women want to be beautiful Do Russian women like money? Russian women like flowers and gifts Russian women like compliments Russian women love to cook

We'd like to stress it once again: when we say "Russian women" or "Russian girls" we mean Ukrainian girls and women from Belarus as well.

Remember that women can change their opinion on the exact opposite in a split second.

Russian women love men.

Surprise? Big surprise! Yes, Russian women love men indeed. Russian women are often willing to marry anyone who will take them in marriage. They want to have their own family. They dream to have children. And the men of foreign blood for Russian women are in high esteem, though Russian men recently significantly strengthened their reputation, and love for the country came in confident fashion. When choosing a partner, a Russian woman, consciously or unconsciously chooses someone who can bring stability and well-being of her future children. She is conquered by qualities such as responsibility, hard work, chivalry, caring, serious attitude towards marriage, success, intelligence, sense of humor, but one should not ignore the purely instinctive nature of women, which entails beauty, courage, adventurous and exotic.

In addition, some Russian women do not live in reality, but some kind of fairy tale. And this tale is quite standard: there lived a beautiful princess; wonderful Prince on a white horse came to her; they raced off together into amazing overseas country, a land flowing with milk and honey.

For most Russian women the fear of loneliness is the strongest fear.

Russian women love children and family - Mom and Dad.

The woman is first and foremost a mother. A Russian woman has historically been considered the guardian of the hearth. This concept includes not only households, but also the moral support of her husband. One of the most common Russian stereotypes: a woman takes care of the children while the man works.

Parents of a woman are also very important part of Russian families. Babushka - mother of a wife - is the huge part of Russian national culture and its dearest and respected part. Her contribution to the family cannot be overestimated.

Russian women love to travel and adore the rest at sea.

Of course, different people have different preferences. Someone likes to sit at home and someone else cannot be happy without a tent and hot sea beach. One family has a rest in the countryside, the other - in the mountains.

Almost everyone loves to travel, and the young, attractive girls, probably more than anyone else. This is, perhaps, not only because they are the most receptive to everything new, beautiful and unknown, not hindered by common conventions and stereotypes. But also due to the fact that unlike others, they may travel not only to something see but also be seen.

Additionally, travel means freedom, and it's not only the freedom of movement. While traveling for leisure expectations from us are minimal. We do not have to be smart, all-knowing and behaving in a strictly designated framework - we're on vacation! We can ask the most stupid questions and do not be afraid to look stupid. This is the real freedom.

Russian women love pets.

The exact number of pets in Russia is unknown, but according to some estimates, there are about 35.7 million. It is estimated that every third family is holding a cat, and on the number of dogs (about 10 million), Russia ranked first in Europe and fifth in the world after the US, Brazil, China and Japan.

Russian women, especially those living in the city, are very fond of their pets. The well-known English saying "Love me, love my dog" (i.e. "love me - love everything associated with me") has a literal meaning in Russia. For Russian women it is very important, how a man treats their pets. If you love a woman, then you really should love her dog or cat to make her happy. Many women evaluate their potential partners, according to their attitude to everything that is important to them. If your beloved Russian women have a child, never neglect it. If she does not have children, but there is a pet, you have to love them too.

Russian women love nature.

Russian nature is very rich. Almost in every corner of the country you will find beautiful landscapes, untouched by civilization, mountains, lakes and rivers. And the best part of all this is available to all who wish to visit and it is not anyone's private property.

Therefore, in Russia extremely popular are field trips, hiking, fishing, picking mushrooms and berries. Less popular is haunting, as the killing of animals, usually for fun and not for a living, is not very encouraged in society. At least from women.

And, contrary to popular belief, a new coat of fur is not a pleasure for all women, even those living in the harsh climate. You will gain a lot more respect from your favorite Russian women, if you refuse from such a popular type of holiday among foreign tourists as hunting, and accompany her on a journey to her country, she will offer herself.

Russian women love their country.

Russians often criticize their country and say they want to go away from it. But if Russia blamed by foreigners, Russians often take it with resentment. Do not abuse common Western cliches that are very far from reality.

If you want to win the favor of the Russian people, pay attention to the dignity and charm of Russia, which there are many. Maybe acquainted with our country better, you do not want to leave it, and decide to use your knowledge, capabilities and experience to implement your ideas in Russia.

Foreigners tend to cause an increased interest and attention, and it gives them additional advantages for doing business in Russia. At a minimum, the proposal to create a family and to stay in Russia is an additional opportunity to test the feelings of your beloved Russian woman.

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