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What do Russian women love? Short simple answers to evergreen questions.

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Do Russian women like money?

Everyone loves money, since they allow to embody dreams. In this Russian women differ little from others. But Russia differs from the West with its high stakes for the loans. Therefore, it is not profitable to take the credit in Russia, and so credits are not widespread. Russian people, mostly spend that earned previously. If you want to buy something expensive (say, an apartment or a car), then this usually means saving up for it.

Some Russians are helping preferential mortgage, the maternity capital (to buy a home), but most large purchases are made at the expense of family savings, help from relatives (usually the parents). The average Russian family debt is ten times less than the average household debt in some of the western countries. Most of the apartments in the former Soviet Union are not burdened by debt and generally received free from the state.

People spend not loans, but the funds earned previously. This explains the widespread practice of cash payments (and not at all by illegal ways of earning). Most likely, when a Russian woman sees a foreigner spends money, she assumes that he is financially secure and has some savings, as any Russian would hardly have spent the loan funds on travel, entertainment and various trinkets, while keeping debt for housing, tuition and so on.

Russian are likely to reduce their spending - even on food - until the debt is paid. Therefore, the behavior of foreigners is often misleading for Russian women, and then the reality is their disappointment, they feel cheated. It is this reaction that as a rule fuels the accusations that Russian women are too much interested in money.

Russian women like flowers and gifts.

Courting your girlfriend supposes flowers and gifts. It is necessary, however, to learn to understand what a gift at what point is appropriate. If you will be the first meeting with the girl's parents, if your beloved has a birthday or you should congratulate her with March 8, can not do without flowers. When you have to go to a home meal, some delicacies, and sweets, a bottle of good wine or champagne should be added.

The first meeting after your arrival can not do without the goodies (some presents, specially brought from your home country, as a rule, souvenirs or something typical of a certain area). It is better if they are made in your country and not in China. These usually are targeted presents and not very expensive. If you are going to get acquainted with the family of your darling, goodies you should bring for all of whom you have heard of or know. Chinese souvenirs and various cheap gadgets may be useful for pleasant daily surprises. They will help and bring a smile, and surround your favorite with the things that will always remind of you.

Make Offer to your beloved better with real jewels.

Russian women love compliments (soft nothings)

In Russia they say that "women love with their ears." Or even "Women love with their ears, so men are lying. And men love with their eyes, so women use cosmetics." In any case, compliments are just the need for women to gain self-confidence and to receive the signal from her man in the response to her efforts to please. Thus, there is a mutual supplement of men's eyes and women's ears.

Russian women cannot tolerate a simple, unemotional communication. If a man is able to admire a woman emotionally, it significantly helps to develop their relationship. Unfortunately, many men are abusing this weakness and keep complimenting a woman exclusively in order to achieve intimacy and then lose interest without experiencing real feelings. Sincerity in communication is very much appreciated in Russia, and not sincerity can forever avert Russian women from communicating with foreigners, which is quite often the case. Therefore, your compliments to Russian woman should be honest, truthful and not cause a rejection with their insincerity. In addition, words must be accompanied by and confirmed by the actions.

Admiring glances, attention and care compensate the lack of complement.

Russian women like to cook delicious meals

Of course, Russian women like to acquaint the visitor with Russian cuisine and her favorite dishes, but that does not mean that she prefers them and will prepare for life only familiar food. On the contrary, she thinks you like to try something new as well as she herself.

Sated with Russian cuisine, give her a favorite cookbook with recipes, or you can teach her to cook what you like. Russian love all things new. No wonder that Russian cuisine has absorbed the Georgian shashlik and Ukrainian vareniks and Chinese dumplings.

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