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Hobby as business.

Having hobby pay its way.

Women turn interests, hobbies into moneymaking businesses. Popular female start ups.

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Some Russian women approach hobby as not only a pastime but try to turn their passions into a moneymaking business. It is partly explained by the necessity to compensate for the supplies' costs but to a greater degree it is a nice way to be paid for something one would do anyway.

Online hand made shops featuring various handmade items, art and supplies are among top popular female start ups in Russia. Passion for photography can become a pat time job for women. Wedding and children's photography services are at demand among Russians, so a good photographer service could be pretty expensive. Besides, one can sell images to stock photo agencies, or enter and win photography contests.

A talent in cooking and especially making cakes turns out into a much more profitable home business then a regular job for a woman in Russia.

Russian women love for speaking about and analyzing various things and sharing the ideas can be a great moneymaking hobby as blogging.

Love to animals and knowledge about the breeds, genetics and proper care is often a chance to register a kennel and run own business or get extra income.

The gardening hobby may generate small business ideas. Starting a backyard greenhouse nursery is relatively inexpensive business to set up. Apart from providing the family with home veg and greens it may help make extra income by selling them. The market is flooded with synthetic products and thus proposing organic fruit and veg for sale can become profitable. The growing number of people is interested in sustainable living and premaculture these days. Running workshops and helping people improve property productivity via Permaculture landscape design services is another business idea.

Photography workshops.

Lots of people living in owned houses and having a piece of land keep chickens. Chickens are low maintenance pets that are not that expensive to run. They provide eggs, entertainment, manure and weeding services to name a few. Keeping chickens just as a hobby and a source of eggs for own need can turn into a small business like selling fertile eggs, selling day old chicks or breeding and raising chickens to sell as youngsters.

Collecting things like coins, valuable antique items, porcelain and military artifacts is itself a thrilling experience. Selling and exchanging them on special boards and auctions is no less as exciting way to make extra money.

Russian girl in her apartment embroiders a colourful picture.

Cosmetics and soap making for profit is competitive. Many are found of this hobby these days. Not many customers trust the quality of home made cosmetics and soap. The design and knowledgeable presentation is necessary. Not to say about the quality. Making soap as a home bases small business is especially rewarding during the holiday reasons when everyone is looking for original gifts ideas. Stained glass, old cars repair, musical instruments restoration, scrapbooking, painting - anything could become a realistic business idea. Provided one does what he loves and is experienced in it, the hobby can turn into a life long business and attract loyal customers.

It is known that shopping is more than just a necessity, pleasant pastime or a stress killer for many women. Some take it as a full time hobby and become real experts. They are always aware of the sales, discounts, brands, and new stores, possess the discount cards of all kinds of shops and boutiques and telephone numbers of sales persons. A collective or group buying, when people buy something wholesale to later distribute it among themselves is what a shopaholics can use their talents in. A discount or a percentage fee for those who arrange the group buying can become an extra income. In Russia this is one of popular startups for young mummies. Some go beyond just placing their announcements at local internet communities, but run group buying websites and open physical shops.

Some people make hobby pay its way by not only selling the stuff which is most obvious income stream, but teaching skills of their hobby. This has become especially popular for handiwork as it seems to be easy to pick up. Classes or workshops both for children and adults in glass painting, floristics, scrapbooking, felting, pets grooming, photography, dolls and jewelry making are mushrooming in Russia. Internet communities, art and handmade clubs and galleries publish ads for various classes for amateurs and seek a trainer as well as offer collective buying of equipment, supplies, for hobbies. Real masters record DVDs; write articles or books about their hobby that can be sold to either individuals or magazines and periodicals.

A widespread way to reduce expenses on buying items of a preferred cosmetics/health and beauty care products, or even make some profit is becoming beauty consultant and a distributer of the company. It is quite easy to do because one can avoid paying taxes on any income.

Travelling to clients or home based manicure, pedicure, massage, hairstyling and beauty care services are another popular way to make income for women. These are the options working at home moms usually consider while the kid is too small to leave it for the full time job. These services are most usually "tax free" as it is generally not common in Russia to report on someone's tax evasion.

Those approaching fitness, yoga, barre, belly or pole dance more than just a hobby or pastime, but rather a lifestyle, often consider taking their passions to a professional level and make a living doing it. For some women signing up to get fit then ends up with changing their jobs and pursuing a full time career that emphasizes fitness. Training as a teacher is usually necessary. It covers topics such as anatomy and physiology, effective use of gym equipment, first aid, and customer service and membership sales. Some take a job as a fitness coach or start their own studios.

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