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Dating Russian women

Searching a bride from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, has gained increasing popularity among western men over the last 20 years. The number of online dating services introducing Russian women to men from all over the world and offering follow-up assistance is growing dramatically. It all makes us think that a great majority of women from Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries aim at emigrating from these countries due to very low life conditions. It's been all wrong though or actually not quite true.

First, several thousands of women do not make a big part for a country having several millions of citizens.

Second, the booming activity of dating websites is caused by consumership for international dating services among men from America and other countries with developed economies.

We A great number of IT specialists emerged after the economy of Russia collapsed at the End of the Twentieth Century. They were looking for new possibilities to apply their knowledge and make money through the Internet. The homeland offered very few profitable projects that could be accomplished in a legal way. Being programmers, we also faced this tendency.found out that the main thing foreigners are interested in Russia is beautiful Russian women. Due to natural curiosity and sexual instinct Russian women demonstrated mutual interest and could not resist exotic and gentle westerners. They were dreaming to find a sweet home, happy family in a developed country and guarantee good perspectives for future children. Moreover, there were almost no dating services that introduced Russian women to Russian men these days.

The demand matches the supply and a lot of companies offering international dating appeared.

The ways of making profit in this business were very different: some were not quite honest, others were totally illegal. At the beginning western visitors could be caught by criminals demanding several thousand dollars for contact details of a woman a client happened to like. They really made people hostages and demanded huge fees the services.

Many men had to pay being caught in the situation of fake "relationship".

Many men nowadays are also at risk of loosing money when they try to help a "bride" in some difficult situation or pay for her visit to a foreign country a meeting.

The times are changing and men are becoming more and more aware of scam strategies. A competition made criminals and dating services demanding thousands dollars for contact details of a woman fade away. International marriage brokers are acting more and more civilized way, yet the scamming methods have become more sophisticated. Most popular scams at the online dating scene is to have a man pay for fake letters. There could be different versions of the scenario:

- Agencies in Russian or Ukrainian cities send out numerous pre-written letter as if written by their women-clients. This could be a worthy service if all letters were free and written by interested women personally. However, this is just a flood of fake letters a client keeps paying for.

- Local agency servicing a woman send a form reply-letter to several men taking a translation fee every time. One would be lucky to get such letter written by a woman herself, but not the agency staff.

Prewritten letters and form letters are easily recognized as they are usually not personalized. Except for the man's name, replaced in each letter, they do not contain any info, referring to the client's profile or his introduction letter or answers to his questions. In some cases such reply-letters are not only automatically sent buts also generated by software.

Nobody wants to pay for love letters from a computer, would you?

However a personal reply with a logical structure and many details does not guarantee woman herself wrote it and actually read your letter. It often happened that agencies make good profit on mail forwarding and translation, so they hire specially trained interpreters that would write letters for women. Sometimes if a woman is interested in finding a partner, but just does not wish to spend time writing to men that would never come for a visit so she agrees that the agency writes letters for her and lets her know how the situations goes.

In the majority of cases a woman has no intention to marry abroad and just provides the agency her photos for money, gifts or other benefits. She meets you with the interpreter, smiles at you and talks, but this will not have any positive result.

You cannot protect yourself unfortunately if a woman takes part in a scam or initiates it herself. Formally you can not blame the agency if a woman does not like to date you whatever gifts you send her or money you spent on writing to her. This is her choice. So you have to be very careful here.

Another very popular scam method is web-conference. A woman is hired to chat online and pretends to be a bride. If a man takes it as entertainment, this is his choice. For those looking for real relationships, such service could become a great disappointment.

One has to take into account that popular websites with big database that offer online registration can contain a big number of fake profiles as anyone can post any information to get in touch and milk men for money though international transfer services (to pay for an operation, visit, internet, etc.

Such 'women' usually get in touch first and are very pushy. Scammers are usually more active daters than usual users (don't forget that this is a job for them). Besides an ordinary Russian woman is not likely to make his first step and write to a man, but usually expects a feedback to her profile. So if you are being contacted first, the risk getting letter from a scammer is quite high. One has to take it into account.

There is so much deception, and still people date and marry real Russian women somehow.

Please be advised that this is not "dating site" nor "dating personals site" nor "Russian mail order brides sites" in any way. This is not "date single person" nor "free dating online" nor "friendfinder" nor any other sort of "matrimonial" or "marriage" sites either. We don't offer any matchmaking services. We only offer information as we know it and show you some pictures. It's all free - no fees, no charges.