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Anti-scam. Russian brides anti-scam strategy and useful information

Antiscam advice - fraud tactics and bad policies

Open your eyes

These recommendations could help you avoid scam while searching a Russian bride.

1) Do not delay visiting her personally. If you mention your intention to come to visit her in the 1st letter, the woman is more likely to be interested in you and respond actively.

2) Don't fall in love on letter before you have seen a woman in reality. It is worth meeting several women in the city you are planning to visit, just in case things do not work out with one of them. You do not have to inform all women you are in touch about this though.

3) Have several alternative means of contacting a woman - personal email, telephone number, sms, fax. Different service delivering your letters, flower delivery service, etc. This is not reasonable to go and meet a woman if you do not know the address she lives in.

4) You have to remember that letters forwarding and translation service can not be cheap (if this is real service). Find out average translation fees in this country and make comparison. The only cheap way of correspondence can be with a Russian woman speaking good English and having personal email as well regular access to it.

5) If you are using the agency forwarding service, try to find out the way they process and deliver mail. A woman can either type letters at home and send online or write letters in the agency office, or she writes letter at home and sends or brings to the agency, or the agency uses delivery services. All theses details would provide you the idea of work done by the dating service, estimate its costs the fee you pay and suspect fraud.

6) Ask quite a few questions in letters and see if you get answers to questions asked. You can ask the same question over the phone or during the web chat and see if the answers are the same.

7) Never send money to a person you have never seen in real life.

8) Use the agency someone recommends you.

9) Have some back-up plan when you prepare for a visit: other women to meet, other agencies to use services of, have addresses and phones of services you can get help and advice from.

10) Do not be or at least look paranoid. Very suspicious behavior would scare any woman away, even if she is truly interested in you personally and is marriage-minded. Good women do not know all details of scam affairs and expect to be trusted. There are no relationships without trust, remember this.

11) Well, and the most important thing - look for an equal partner. Do not chase models 20-30 yrs younger then you are. Your being of age can be compensated by the interesting personality you have, your high status, nice-looking appearance or being famous and rich. But this is not about the country you live in or your citizenship. If you are young, nice-looking and have good income, you will most likely be attractive to any woman with model appearance even if she is paid by the agency or has a boy friend at home. If you are over 50, have extra weight, and mortgage to pay, you should do not be deceived by the interest of a young and pretty woman. It is most likely a fake. However a woman 5-10 yrs younger with a child could be a good match for you.

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