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Russian Women Myths

Wide-Spread stereotypes and misunderstandings about Russian brides.

With the boost of Internet dating business and growing popularity of Russian women on the dating scene, a number of Russian women myths have sprung up.

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The most discussed as well as the probably most arguable is the statement (mainly from the side of Russia based dating services) that women in Russia are infinitely more attractive than any other women in the world. Some people provide a number of supporting reasons, other find it an absolute nonsense. The discussion is anyway may be interesting to read.

Another myth suggests that all Russian women have no careers aspirations and are happily satisfied with being housewives. In addition many dating services portray Russian women as shy and obedient and mainly aiming at pleasing the husband and taking care of children. Just as the 'The Stepford Wives'.

This would be all wrong to make such generalization ad Russian women are different and so their desires vary as well. Yet, there are some background factors that gave given birth to this idea. Russia is still largely discriminatory against women in the workplace, thus even educated or holding a good job women may not consider a higher position or salary.

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And when the situation in the family changes and demands that a woman stays and home and takes care af the children or ageing parent, a Russian woman usually agrees to play this model role.
It is necessary to add that it is not customary in Russia that old people in need of medical care stay in institution for elderly care. They are normally taken care by younger women in the family (daughters, daughters-in law, etc)

Russia is also a patriarchal country, so taking care of a child and going on a maternity leave, which is a certain break up in the career it is mainly a female function despite the professions and incomes both partners have.

All things considered, the career projects of your future bride have to be discussed in person. Many women would love to and actually plan to work. A woman would certainly feel uncertain and probably not willing to go out to work due to her arrival in a new country and not being familiar with the language and customs. However this my just be a transition period and she would change her mind after she has adapted.

Poor adaptation to the Western lifestyle is the next myth about Russian women. Russian women are accused of not knowing English or willing to learn it, not having a driver's license, not being familiar with credit cards and western payment procedures. This is not all true though. Many Russian women posting their ads on the dating sites have University degrees, thus have certainly studied English or/and another foreign language at university (English is also obligatory subject in a secondary school), may use it at work or attend classes. Being humble to speak is just explained by the lack of practice. Additional classes and live communication will help bridge the language gap soon.

A growing number of women drive a car and if a woman does not, this is not something hard to study. Even though Russia is much more of a cash economy than America or Western Europe, the credit cards are used in the full scope in stores, bars and restaurants, for getting payments and monthly salaries. The peculiarities that exist in a particular country can be taught and shown and easily learnt.

The next myth is promoted by the dating services to make all foreign men think they have equal chances with any Russian woman, that Russian women want older men and a big age difference does not matter. This can't be true of course, even though it has some cultural and historical background due to Russia being patriarchal country for ages.

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The fifth myth states that all Russian women are family-oriented and sacrificing. The nature of Russian women is not the same. They are usually strong and confident of their wishes and have firm approach and strong will. Yet they do not tend to aggressively dominate over men and even Russian feminism is classified to be "more feminine than in the West" by Maria Arbatova, a modern Russian feminist writer.

It is true however that most Russian women put family first in their priority list. Their place in families has been critical since the ancient times. And Russian history has known many examples when Russian women sacrificed for the sake of the beloved. Decembrists wives are the most known if all probably.

Many believe that Eastern Europeans women and particularly women from Russian age faster than western European and American women. So what makes an impression that women of Ukraine, Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe often look good young and downhill fast in their 40′s? The genetics is similar. Perhaps the harsher weather conditions in some areas of Russia, dramatic growth of smoking women in Russia, poorer health care, and limited access to quality skin care products and services due to poorer economy makes Russian women age faster in the face than western women. Some blame stress and an imbalanced diet as well as the quality of drinking water. The registered fact is that women in Russia much less use hormone replacement therapy that reduces the negative effect of the listed above factors, age-related diseases and facial aging. However with respect to general body shape Russia's females maintain an advantage. They stay slimmer longer and you may rarely meet overweight women of all ages. Lower calorie diets and more walking are the primary reasons.

The characteristic feature is that women in Russia try to look good at any age. The looks are approached as a measure of self respect. Taking care of one’s appearance is a must for the majority of women whatever the working conditions or the financial status they have. Older Russian women age prematurely because of hard life with lots of stress. Many of those who were born during WWII or in post war years are alive. No secret many retired people in Russia cannot afford balanced diet and good dental care which contributes to the physical appearance.

Many Russian women are mistakenly approached as atheists, which is certainly due to the Soviet legacy. However this is not all true and Religion in Russia as well as Russian women and religion are separate topics for consideration.

Other ridiculous stereotypes of Russians in the USA are that many of them acts as undercover spies. The end of cold war did not mean the end of the spy fiction or Soviet/Russian spy characters in American movies. Russian sleeper agents replaced the Soviet spies, whereas the personality and habits as well as the way they are pictured seems to have remained the same. Even the names preserved: Boris, Natasha and Vladimir are the most common. American cinema seems to be obsessed with the idea of hot and smart Russian woman super agent. This image is explored endlessly. The "Russia House" with Michelle Pfeiffer, Russian Bond girl Olga Kurylenko in "Quantum of Solace", a great spy thriller "Salt" with Angelina Jolie and "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" with Svetlana Khodchenkova as a Soviet Spy add to this notorious image.

Redhead member of the Russian spy ring Anna Chapman, arrested on June 25 2010 and the publicity this case arose accelerated a new wave of suspicion to attractive and intelligent Russian women.

British intelligence service MI5 went even further pursuing an innocent woman - Katia Zatuliveter, Russian national working in Britain as a parliamentary researcher - unfairly accused of being a spy just because of her affair with British MP. It cost a woman a year of her life to prove she was not recruited as an agent or acted as one. The question is: "Will any young Russian woman coming abroad fight this stereotype now?" Becasue if she escapes the simplistic "slut from the wrong side of the iron curtain" label, she may still be branded a conniving Mata Hari-type.

Another misunderstanding that was most likely caused by the abundance of Russian women dating websites is that all Russian women are dying for marrying a foreigner. And many of then see the international marriage as a ticket out or a source for cash flow.
Russia is a very big country and an impressingly great number of profiles on the dating websites is still a very small percentage of women population of the country.

However the other side of the myth that Russian women approach internet dating and marriages as a source of easy financial gain has become a sad reality for some men having online relationship. Our anti-scam guide aims at directing you at does and don'ts while dating a Russian woman.

It may be interesting to watch the film 'Zaritsas:Russian Women in New York' by filmmaker Elena Beloff, a Russian woman who has lived in New York for ten years. The film is an attempt to explore and dismantle the negative stereotypes of Russian women in America which emerged in the 1990s. It communicates the life stories and aspirations of 5 Russian women living in New York.

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