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Russian Navy Day

Russian Navy Day (рус. День Военно-Морского флота России) day is celebrated on the last Sunday of July. It is still one of most favourite holidays in Russia and some other CIS countries where the bases of the Russian Navy are still located. The holiday was founded in 1980 and has a non-official name - Neptune's Day.

The creation of regular Navy was aimed to bridge territorial disunity, political and cultural isolation of Russia that hindered its economic grown and social development in 17-18 centuries. The 1st Russian combat ship "Orel" ("Eagle") was built in 1668 and named after the country coat of arms where the eagle is depicted. The ship equipped 22 guns and its crew included 22 seamen and 35 soldiers.

The decision to create Russian navy was officially taken in October 1696 by council of boyars at the initiative of Peter the Great . It later earned him the title, Father of the Russian Navy.

Vessels of different class and function were built in shipyards all over the country so by spring 1700 40 sailing ship and 114 rowboat had been floated out.

Russian Navy has a heroic history and glorious naval and combat traditions. It's history was made by courageous and dedicated service of several generations and of naval mariners. The sea power of Russia has been gained in glorious victories in battles, achievements, discoveries and heroic deeds of Russian Navy men for the sake of Fatherland.

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