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St. Valentine's Day in Russia

You will be amazed how naturally this holiday and tradition to celebrate it got into and spread in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Originally catholic St. Valentine's Day has settled down in Ortodox Russia as a romantic day of love and the beloved.

The tradition of celebrating St. Valentine's Day is pretty new in Russia, however every year more and more Russian women and men of every age present each other with romantic gifts and "valentines".

The reason why this holiday is so welcome in Russia must be that people long for love and romance in the middle of the coldest winter month. All in all we do the same little touchy things as everywhere on this day - go dancing, arrange parties, exchange "valentines" - sentimental and heartfelt greeting cards, chocolates, send secret love letters and say "I love you" for the 1st time. The same is in the Western Valentine's Day is the day for lovers, friends, or family members - for everyone, young and old.

St. Valentine's Day has roots in several legends. One of them is Valentine was a Christian priest. He lived three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ in the Roman Empire. On February 14, Valentine was killed because he was a Christian. He married couples contrary to the laws of the Roman Empire.

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