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Unity Day (Russia), Day of People's Unity (or National Unity Day), November 4.

November 4 is a day of all Russian people consolidation, a day when Russia escaped most danger ever threatened the country. It is a holiday that has own history, not just an occasion to replace November 7. Unity day was first celebrated on November 4, 2005.

Almost 4 centuries ago all-Russian volunteer army under the command of prince Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin expelled the Poles from the Moscow Kremlin, thus putting an end to the Time of Troubles in 1612.

During thse times numerous False Dimitriys appeared in the Russian politics claiming to be the true Dimitriy and longing for Russian crown, whereas Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was planning to take over the power in Russia.

People uprising led by Minin and Pozharski is unuqe since theer were the people themselves stood up and decided for the future of the country while the govenrment demonstrated total inability to act. All the classes of Russian society willingly united to preserve Russian statehood when its demise seemed inevitable.

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