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The 8th of March: Russian Women Day

Russian girl with flower

The 8th of March is a wonderful spring holiday in Russia and other ex-USSR countries like Ukraine and Belarus, the day when Women are All Embraced By Love, Appreciation and Gratitude (sic!).

Russian people started to celebrate the holiday in 1913 and it soon became the public holiday. In 1965 the USSR government declared the international Women's Day to be a day off. There was a special ritual of celebrating the 8th of March - the government reported on the achievements the public policy made to satisfy women's needs and interests.

Gradually the political character of this holiday fade away and it became simply referred to as a Women's Day.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the 8th of March is still celebrated in Russian Federation and in many countries of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). However the government of Estonia, Latvia and Turkmenistan banned the holiday.

Nowadays the International Women's Day is celebrated in Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Moldova, Kirgisia, Georgia, China, Litva, Romania, Ukraine, Tadzhikistan, Yugoslavia, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria.

It has hardly any political subtext now, just an occasion for men to act their best towards women. The flowers and gifts presented on this date show how much men care and how important women are in their lives.

And last but not least: if you forgot about Your Russian Woman's Very Special Day, most probably you've lost her forever. There is rarely a second chance here...

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