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Partisan Resistance

Serious partisan and underground resistance fight broke out on the occupied territory of USSR in 1941. It's known about 374,000 organized partisanes of Belorusia, 260,000 of Russia, 220,000 of Ukraine

A considerable amount of women worked for the intelligence service of partisan formations. This job was associated with hardship and everyday risk. The symbol of courage and fearlessness is the name of Moscow partisan Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, who was arrested by the Nazis on a combat assignment near the village of Petrischevo (Moscow Oblast) in late November 1941. Kosmodemyanskaya was savagely tortured and humiliated, but did not give away the names of her comrades or her real name. She was hanged on November 29, 1941

Women partisans quite often has to perform diversions. They collected the information of the enemies in the ossupied territory, distributed clandestine literature and leaflets among the population. The major group of partisans involved in diversions and intelligence service was in Kalinin area.

Quite many Russian women were radio operators and performed nursing services.

Women not only joined partisan resistance but were members of Komsomol underground movement. This is explained by the fact that male population had joined the army long before the occupation and appearance of men on occupied territory was quite suspicious.

Hundred thousand women left on the territory of the USSR occupied by the Germans took active part in civil resistance and helped partisans, members of underground movement, Red Army soldiers. They skipped work, sabotaged trafficking Russians to Germany, hid or destroyed food, weapons, raw materials and production on the factories that worked for Nazis then, broke down mechanisms and locomotives, hid army soldiers, that escaped the captivity, cured the wounded and transferred them to the army. The Nazi acted suppressed occupied territory with inhumane severity. They hang, shoot up, burned alive Soviet people, destroyed the cities.The standard of SS practice was to execute entire population of the village near which partisan attack has occurred in retaliation. Around 3 thousand national avengers died, many went missing when during the fights for Moscow. Another famous female names are Ulyana Gromova, and Lyubov Shevtsova, memmbers of The Young Guard (“Molodaya gvardiya”) that was an underground anti-fascist Komsomol organization, in the Nazi-occupied Soviet city of Krasnodon. They carried out several acts of sabotage and protest before being betrayed to the Nazis, later executed by the Germans.

Some info taken from http://www.a-z.ru/women_cd3/4/index.htm

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya (September 13, 1923 – November 29, 1941) was a Soviet partisan, and a Hero of the Soviet Union (awarded posthumously). At the age of 18 she volunteered for a partisan unit. Along with other partisans she mined roads and cut communication lines. On November 27, 1941 Zoya received an assignment to burn the village of Petrischevo, where a German cavalry regiment was stationed. She did not return. Kosmodemyanskaya was savagely tortured and humiliated, but did not give away the names of her comrades or her real name (claiming that it was Tanya). She was hanged on November 29, 1941.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoya_Kosmodemyanskaya https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoya_Kosmodemyanskaya

Zinaida Portnova (February 20, 1926 - January 15, 1944) was a Russian teenager, Soviet partisan and Hero of the Soviet Union. Belarusian resistance movement. The young partisan was distributing Soviet propaganda leaflets in the German occupied Belarus and participated in a number of sabotage actions. Torures and killed by the Nazis.

Lyubov Shevtsova (September 8, 1924 - February 9, 1943) was a Russian partisan and a member of the Young Guard, an underground anti-Nazi organization in Krasnodon during World War II. Shevtsova was arrested as a wireless operator. The Gestapo tortured her to find out the transmission codes, apparently without success and shot her on February 9, 1943. She was 18 years old

Ulyana Gromova (January 3, 1924 - 16 Jan, 1943) Hero of the Soviet Union Ulyana Gromova, one of the leaders of the underground group "Young Guard". She took part in military operations, distributed leaflets, agitated the local population against the occupants. On the eve of 25-th anniversary of October revolution she hand red flag on the mine chimney. Was arrested, tortured, executes and thrown in the mine hole.

Masha Bruskina (1924 - 26 October 1941 Minsk) was a 17-year-old Soviet Jewish partisan who was captured by the Germans for killing a German soldier in Minsk, Byelorussian SSR, in October 1941. Before being hanged, she was paraded through the streets with a plaque around her neck which read (in both German and Russian): "We are partisans and have shot at German troops". She and her two comrades were hanged in public on October 26, 1941.

Ina Konstantinova (1924 – 1944) was a wartime Soviet diarist and partisan, killed as a 20-year-old during Nazi Germany's operations in the Soviet Union during World War II in 1944.

Lisa Chaikina ( August 28, 1918 - November 23, 1941) was wartime Soviet partisan. Liza Chaikina went on intelligence collecting missions into enemy-occupied towns and villages. In November 1941 Liza was spotted by a turncoat while on a guerrilla commander's missio n and was caught by the Nazis. After horrible torture by the Nazis, who wanted her to disclose the location of the guerrilla unit, she sais nothing and was shot. Liza Chaikina was awarded Hero of the Soviet Union.

Klava Nazarova (1918 - 1942) Organized an underground resistance squad her town of Ostrov in Russia in 1941. She and other members of the underground were arrested. After torture, they were each sentenced to death. Klava Nazarova was awarded Hero of the Soviet Union.
The execution of women by the Nazis during World War II

Nina Kosterina (1920 - 1941) was a Soviet partisan. She joined the Komsomol in 1936. In her diary, she described her life from 1936 until her death She died during a partisan mission which started in 14 November 1941.

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