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Evdokiya Zavaliy.

Evdokiya Zavaliy, "Frau schwarzer Tod" (black death) The only woman in days of WWII who was heading the marines platoon. Guard colonel.

Evdokiya Zavaliy (1930-2010)

The unique destiny of this woman makes one gasp with admiration and amazement. She went of to war at the age of 15 as a war nurse. When her native Novyj Bug was attached from the air in 1941, Evdokiya was helping the inquired and persuaded the horse regiment commander to take her to the front as a nurse having lied she was 18 already. Evdokiya's grandmothers foretold she would be bleeding to death 4 times but stay alive. The prediction came true: during 4 years of war Evdokiya was severely wounded 4 times and survived 2 blast injuries.

After the first inquiry she got while passing the Dnepr, Evdokiya was assigned to the reserve regiment. However she was put down to a man when the front line soldiers were selected. Evdokiya supported this myth and served in the landing-force brigade for 8 months unrevealed. After having taken POW, Evdokiya was sent to the secret service department. After the second injury she got during the attack where she replaced the killed commander, Evdokiya Zavaliy was finally unmasked in the war hospital.

The most thing Evdokiya feared of was to become the nurse again, However this was a hard time, in the year 1943 and experienced commanders were in high demand. Thus she was sent to half-a -year sub-lieutenant training and then headed the 83rd marines platoon. Evdokiya naturally had to cope with some subordination problems and some marines resisted obeying the woman. Her platoon was called "Dus'kin vzvod" (the platoon of Dusya (short form of Evdokiya)

She had to prove daily that women could fight no worse then men and was finally recognized as an experienced commander. Evdokiya Zavaliy was respected and valued by the marines and many tried to protect her from the enemy bullets during the attacks. Zavaliy's platoon became a legend and scarified the Nazi Germans with their bold raids. Evdokiya Zavaliy and her platoon took part in Sapun Hill Assault, fought for Balaklava, Sevastopol, Kerch, liberation of Taman, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, crossed the Dniester, arranged war operations in Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

Their most audacious military operation was during the battle of Budapest, when Evdokiya Zavaliy had mission to capture the enemy's headquarters. The decision was taken to proceed through the sewerage. 35 marines were moving with 18 oxygen bag which they used in turns, 2 of them died during the operation. Yet the enemy's bunker was taken. A German general that was among the POWs did not believe the operation had been headed by the woman and when finally saw that handed Evdokiya his gun as a gesture of respect.

Evdokiya Zavaliy passed the entire war; she went into civvies in 1947, got married and had two children. She died on the 5th May, 4 days before the 65-th anniversary of the USSR defeating Nazi Germany.

Source: http://fire-of-war.ru/p1283.htm

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