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Although Russian history studies are mostly focused on research of military, ideological, political and mobilization aspects of war, we always remember about the tragic and heroic destiny of Russian women soldiers and the aftermath of the war that had a heavy incidence on Russian women. More then one million of Russian women took up arms and participated in combat operations during the WWII. We often bring up the bravery of 'Night witches' - courageous Russian women pilots, as well as snipers , machine gunners, tank crew members, women partisans and the commitment of Russian war nurses. Russian women bore the burden of war and showed the deed of bravery and labor on the Home Front. The feat of Marine guard colonel, Evdokiya Zavaliy is a legendary page of Great Patriotic War.

Women that did not take arms toiled in industry, transport, agriculture and performed their other civilian roles, working double shifts to free up enlisted men to fight and increase military production. Every year on Victory day (9 May) celebration, all the heroic deeds of women-battle comrades are recalled all over the ex-Soviet area. We must also remember the dramatic effect on the country and USSR losses during WWII.

We would like to recall the Russian women - war heroes again and try to understand why they left homes and took part in this peculiar male business with self-sacrificing devotion although USSR women didn't have to serve in the army. It is worth admitting, that Russian women who fought at war were motivated by the sense of patriotic duty. However The Mother remains the dominant female archetype in Russian culture and her main mission is to care, protect, love and sacrifice.

So the main motive was to protect their country, their homes, their families and compatriots from the terror and humiliation in the territories occupied by nazis. Women who took part in the battles and guerrilla operations were aware of danger, but were ready to give their lives to share the sore burden of war with their fathers, brothers and husbands.

In the 'Tales of Sevastopol' Leo Tolstoy wrote: 'Due to the crucifix, to the name itself, due to the treat of war, people could not fully realize all its terror. There has to be another supreme motive. This motive is love of the country. Emotioned by this motive, moved by their sensitive nature and Christian mercy, women willingly joined Russian army at war.'

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