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Russian Holidays. Angel days. Calendar. Christmas. Easter. Women Name Days

Russian Holidays Calendar. Women's Day. Russian Holidays. Orthodox Christmas. Russian Holidays

January 1 New Year official day off
January 7 Orthodox Christmas official day off
January 13 Old New Year (a very popular holiday in memory of Old Calendar)
January 25 Tatiana Day
February 7 Maslenitsa
February 14 St. Valentine's Day
February 23 Defender of the Fatherland Day
March 8 Women's Day (extremely popular, don't ever miss it!) official day off
Two weeks after Catholic Easter Orthodox Easter
April 1 April Fools' Day
April 12 The Cosmonautics Day
May 1 International Labour Day official day off
May 7 Radio Day
May 9 Victory Day official day off
June 12 Russia Day official day off
Last Sunday of every July Navy Day
September 1 The Day of Knowledge
October 5 Teacher's Day
November 4 Unity Day official day off
November 7-8 October Revolution Day (no longer an official holiday)

Calendar of Name Days (Angel's Days)

Jan 3 Ulyana
Jan 4 Anastasia
Jan 6 Evgenia
Jan 6 Klavdia
Jan 19 Lidia
Jan 19 Maria
Jan 25 Tatyana (celebrated like Students' Day, very popular among students)
Jan 27 Nina
Jan 31 Ksenia
Feb 2 Inna
Feb 4 Anastasia
Feb 6 Ksenia
Feb 8 Maria
Feb 16 Anna
Feb 19 Maria
Feb 23 Valentina, Anna
March 12 Marina, Kira
March 14 Antonina
March 23 Galina
March 31 Maria
Apr 2 Svetlana
Apr 7 Larissa
Apr 8 Alla, Anna
Apr 14 Maria
Apr 28 Tamara
Apr 29 Irina
May 2 Tamara
May 6 Alexandra
May 7 Elizaveta
May 14 Irina
May 19 Varvara
May 31 Alexandra, Julia, Faina
June 16 Julia
Jun 20 Valeria, Maria
June 22 Maria
June 23 Alexandra, Antonina

July 14 Angelina
July 18 Anna
July 24 Olga, Elena
July 29 Valentina, Alevtina
July 30 Marina, Margarita
Aug 4 Maria
Aug 17 Darya
Sep 8 Natalia
Sep 18 Elizaveta, Raisa
Sep 29 Ludmila
Sep 30 Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov
Oct 17 Veronica
Oct 21 Taisia
Oct 29 Zinaida
Nov 11 Anastasia
Nov 19 Alexander
Dec 7 Ekaterina
Dec 17 Varvara
Dec 22 Anna
Dec 23 Angelina
Dec 29 Marina

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