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How to write a good introduction letter to a Russian Woman

Writing letters to Russian Women. Letters writing tips - letters to Russian Women. Love letters

We hope the following tips will help you create a successful correspondence that will lead to a beautiful friendship and more.

The most important thing is to realize that writing letters is not the goal itself, it is just the instrument for you to learn more about the person and evaluate if you both have enough interest to meet and if you have a chance for the future relationship.

Beautiful Russian girl


1.Ask yourself some questions. Are you ready to spend your time and money to search for your ideal wife so far away from home? Are you ready to overcome numerous difficulties connected with legal aspects of marrying a foreigner, moving in/out and your future wife's adaptation in an unfamiliar country, language and mentality barrier? Are you ready to go on journey in the near future (approximately in 6 months)? Your letter will be met with more interest if you write about your future trip plans.

2.Try to determine, what kind of partner you need: age, children, lifestyle, spiritual qualities, interests and appearance. You'll find your happiness sooner if you compare your wishes and abilities, your lifestyle and lifestyle to which your potential darling aspires.

3.Be prepared that you'll have to meet several girls before you make your final decision, since only personal communication can show if you're compatible, interesting to each other and if there is a chance of chemistry.

4.You'll hardly be able to visit lots of countries and cities - keep it in mind while browsing the photo-album. Pay attention to her physical location. You should look for ladies you could easily meet. Try to determine a place to visit where you'll have an opportunity to meet several potential brides.

Your contact list

1.Select just a few ladies first. Then select more ladies from their cities. The more ladies you write the larger your selection will be, you will need to pick from those you write which ones you will meet. Writing letters should qualify the ladies and provide you with quality contacts. At the same time ladies usually agree to meet a man who is ready to meet them in their hometown, therefore the correspondence is an important but not an essential condition for the first contact.

2.It's a good idea to look for english-speaking women. They don't need translations and your correspondence will be much cheaper, not mentioning the fact that you'll be able to communicate over the telephone without an interpreter and the adaptation period for them will be easier. Yet most of Russian girls just don't have a language practice and they learn pretty fast since almost all of them studied foreign languages in schools and colleges.

3.Pay some attention to the ladies popularity. Usually the most popular women are more selective or just too high demand to the potential partner. At the same time, bear in mind that only about 5% men really meet ladies after corresponding with them and far not all of them who got a girl's address ever write to her.

4.Try to limit yourself by the age difference not exceeding 15 years. It's true that Russian Women prefer men who are a little bit older then themselves, reliable, mature, prepared to take responsibility and support a woman; but you should also take into account the fact that marriage might not stand the tests for lasting, when the problems occur, connected with different attitude to life and when your darling widens her circle of acquaintance thanks to you, and she gets more confidence.

5. Make your list of ladies , print or save their profiles, probably even make a folder to manage the information.

Writing letters

1. When addressing Russian women, use her full first name, you might use "Dear Lidiya!" for example. Some agencies can insert the lady's first name if you send a multiple introduction letter. Try to avoid just "Hello" or "My beautiful princes" or "I am seeking a nice, loyal lady start a family with, if you match this, please respond". Even though it is your introduction letter you send to several ladies from your contact list, it should make a feeling you are writing to the one and only.

2. If you are writing to a one particular lady, personalize the letter, try to focus on keywords she uses in her advertisement. Like if she is interested in mountain baking and this is what you do, mention this or say you have always wanted to. If she is saying her child brings her joy and she enjoys watching him grow up, bring up you like children too and would like to share all the beautiful moments of their upbringing with your future wife (if this is true of course).

3. Be romantic and sincere. Show your serious intentions and your interest to the lady.

4. Provide essential information about yourself (height, weight, age, country of residence, profession)

5. Tell her about your family status (if you're divorced or if you have children - state their age and names).

6. That would not make a good impression if you talk bad about women you've dated. Don't go into intimate details writing about your previous wife or lady-friend right at once unless the woman shows her interest herself.

7. That will most likely be against you if you boast about your wealth, scientific or sport achievements in the first letter. Just give an impression what your job is about and how you feel about it, that sport is important and you do it professionally and generally have reached certain things in life.
It will also be irrelevant to list your career achievements in detail and enumerate the places you worked in and your job experience in the 1st letter, this is not a CV.

8. Don't try to impress her with your intelligence or money. Most Russian women are seeking for a financially secure man and this doesn't mean "rich". This means they are looking for a partner who is stable and able to provide for the family, not a money sack. It will also affect badly if you emphasize that those looking for citizenship or money may not bother to reply. Imagine a lady sincerely looking for a life partner receiving warnings straight away. This may just offend.

9. Don't initiate controversial topics like sex, politics, sport etc. in the first letter.

10. Don't tell everything. Leave space for her to ask questions.

11. It would be advisable to state what is important to you in the 1st letter. For example if you are religious, and it is vitally important that your partner is also a believer it is important to inform this at once in order to avoid misunderstanding and false expectations.

12. It's also interesting to read what a person is fond of, what he likes and dislikes, if he has friends and what way of rest he prefers. Telling a bit about what you enjoy gives plenty of room to ask a few good questions.

13. Don't tell about your writing to the other women if she doesn't ask you. If she does, be honest, and explain she should do the same.


14. Send good photos. Always enclose a good photo of yourself when writing to a lady - no friends in a pub, no women even if she is your friend. A photo of you in boxers, with naked torso, in home stretched t-shirt or with a bottle of alcohol is probably the worst thing that you can send to a lady with your first letter.

15. Don't send photos demonstrating your house, car and other material riches, at least with your first letter. It's supposed that your photos should attract attention to you but not to your possessions.

16. Try to find a photo where you smile. It's better to take a studio portrait or studio photo to your full height, where you're dressed in a stylish suit in which you can go out.

17. No intimate photos in the introduction letter.

18. Don't send more than 2 photos with your first letter.

The letter

19. Try to keep the letter not too short and not too long. 2 - 3 sentences are not enough to show you're really interested. Besides in this case the girl hardly will answer you with a longer letter, but the purpose of the correspondence is to know each other better, to help to decide whether you match each other. And you should keep in mind that you're writing not an autobiographical novel but just an Introduction letter. One page or 600- 650 words will be enough.

20. Ask her questions. The following questions will help you to imagine the girl's life better and show you care: whether she likes to visit restaurants and discos, whether she has a pet, whether she lives with her parents, if she can drive, if she likes her job, whether she thinks her career to be important, if she plans to have children, what country she would prefer to live in, what she likes and dislikes about her country/city and about her life in general. The questions you put will also help her write a reply to you. Try not to ask too many questions at once and at the same time write about yourself in order it didn't sound like a questionnaire at a job interview. Such approach may offend the girl.

21. Use simple language if you don't order a professional translation for your letter.

22. Use a spell checker if possible.

23. Last, but not least advice - please, abstain from using "Automatic translators" and online translators. If you think it's a good idea to use some - try doing a simple test: translate your text from your language into Russian, then do vice versa with the "letter in Russian" you'll get: translate it from Russian into your language using the same service. Evaluate the result, and quite probably you won't understand anything from the resulting text ;)

Good luck!

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