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Nina Dorda: Great Russian women

Nina Dorda, legend of Soviet music

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Nina Dorda was born in 1924 in Moscow. She graduated from the Central Music School at the Moscow Conservatory, and in January 1945, she began her great career as a soloist with "Mosconcert" and Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Pokrass. She also sang in the jazz orchestra of Eddie Rosner in years 1954-1959.

Exquisite vocals combined with beautiful appearance have made the singer a favorite of millions of Soviet citizens. Nina Dorda was a bright genre singer with a high voice of pleasant timbre. Her songs sounded sincerely and fervently. The soft intimacy of lyrical songs she combined with mischievously sparkling performance in the comic, tempo songs. The repertoire of Dorda had over 300 songs, among which the most popular are "There is a rain in our town", "The Song remains with a man", "Well, what do you say about Sakhalin", "Silence", "My Vasya", "The Geologists" "As ships are escorted," "A Crying girl in the phone booth", "Old maple tree".

It was Dorda who became the first performer of the legendary song "Lilies of the Valley", which struck like a lightning the country, tired of the terrible war. During 61 years of her artistic activity the singer has given thousands of concerts, has toured all corners of the Soviet Union and the 27 countries of the world. She became the first Soviet singer who gave recitals in South America.

The famous hall "Russia" in 1971 opened its "biography" with the solo performance by Nina Dorda. The singer stopped performing in 1980. In 1995 she was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Nina Dorda was the prototype of the heroine of the novel by Vasily Aksenov "Moscow Saga of Vera Gorda". In the popular television series, filmed in 2004, based on a story by director Dmitry Barshchevsky, her role was played by Christina Orbakaite.

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