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Lyubov Orlova, the first star of the Soviet cinema

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Lyubov Orlova

Lyubov Petrovna Orlova, was a gifted singer and the first recognized star of Soviet cinema. Orlova was born on 29 January 1902 and was most beloved movie actress of the 1930s.

She began her career in musical theatre in 1926 and made her film debut in 1934. Although she worked with other Soviet directors, Orlova's personal and professional partnership with Grigory Alexandrov led to her greatest successes on screen. As the star of Alexandrov's four wildly successful musical comedies - "The Jolly Fellows" (1934), "The Circus" (1936), "Volga-Volga" (1938), and "The Shining Path" (1940) - Orlova became a household name in the USSR. The film "The Jolly Fellows" featured several songs which instantly became classics across the Soviet Union. The most famous song - "Kak mnogo devushek khoroshikh" (Such a lot of nice girls) - enjoyed international fame.

She was the role model for a generation of Soviet women. They admired her wholesome good looks, her energy, her cheeriness, her zest for life, and her spunkiness in the face of adversity. She was also said to be Stalin's favourite actress. In 1950 Orlova was honoured as a People's Artist of the USSR, her nation's top prize for artistic achievement, but she acted in only a few pictures after that, and died in 1975.

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