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Russian women and job. Do Russian women want to work?

Russian women and work. Russian women in business. Russian women and career.

A young Russian businesswoman

Unlike the widespread opinion that Russian women see the career of a mother and a housewife their top priority, the growing number of Russian women do enjoy having a full time job, making a career and owning business. This myth is so popular mostly because Russian women are known to be family-oriented and to put the interests of their families before their own.

However the research of 2007 shows that the share of Russian women in business surpasses the number of men doing business. Web hosting suppot team, programmer, web developer, web Designer, content writer, help desk team, credit card processing support, medical assistance, car rentals service, hair laser removal salons, hotels, merchant account support, - you could find Russian women everywhere. Global Enterpreneurship Monitor Research provides the figures that Russia has more female-owned small businesses than anywhere else on the planet. The figures may be inaccurate and outdate for the present moment, however the recent publications and public opinion also prove that Russian women do want to work, often ready to make the job their priority and take on risks connected with starting own business.

The researchers mark out several reasons why Russian women are eager to work and come to the economic forefront: own business and become leaders of sucessful companies.

They are the high level of education, qualification and social contacts Russian women have which makes them aim at self-actualization and desire to apply their intellectual abilities and professional skills. Another important reason for women to seek full-time well-paying jobs is poor social security the government is able to grant to the women. It makes many women count on themselves. The day to day reality in Russia makes Russian women put significantly much more efforts to provide good standard to living for themselves and their children compared to women abroad.

Even though Russia is still a strongly traditional society and a mother remains by far the dominant female archetype in Russian culture, historically women in Russia often have had to take on greater responsibility for the family and learn to survive due to country numerous wars, revolutions and economic collapses.

A Russian feminist writer Maria Arbatova admits that a Russian woman has Asian diligence and ability to work hard. Women in Russia are also highly socialized, adaptable and responsible which has developed historically. For centuries a Russian woman has demonstrated the willingness to take on any kind of job to support her family. Russian women do many things by themselves, which may be surprising for many of their eastern counterparts. This includes cooking on for a party instead of hiring a catering company or sewing and teaching children as well a great number other things Russian women habitually do apart from their full time and time-consuming jobs. A man can devote all his time and efforts to work whereas a Russian woman always has to learn to balance work and the family life. This creates additional psychological load on a woman. Besides, the glass ceiling and gender discrimination are still very much alive in Russia, Russian women work hard to overcome any adversity standing in their way.

Svetlana Kolchik, Ria Novosti columnist notices the growing tendency among women to like it better at work than at home. This is mostly about well-educated younger Russian women, living in big cities. They approach work as not just the means to earn a living, but above all a safe refuge from life's calamities and a source of gratification and personal satisfaction.

A famous Russian politician and a business woman Irina Khakamada strongly believes that Russian women are willing to work and can be a success in business. She highlights that a woman has to elaborate her own strategy and ethic: avoid being week and feminine on the one hand and not to inherit male aggressiveness on the other. Self-confidence, being aware of the current situation, desire to learn the new and commitment to own principles are the things that would help a woman be successful.

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