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Olga Ostroumova

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Olga Ostroumova

Olga Ostroumova was born in Buguruslan (Ural region). In 1970 she graduated from the Lunacharsky Institute. After the graduation Olga worked in Teatr Unogo Zritelya - New Generation Theater where she met her first husband, Michael Levitin.

She became famous with the film "Dozhivem do ponedelnika" ("Let's live till tomorrow") by S. Rostotsky, where Olga Ostroumova's character was a girl from the class. This film is considered to be one of the best Soviet films about school, complicated relations between pupils and their teachers; how it is important to meet a real teacher in our life.

Anther bright appearance in the cinema followed her role of Zhenya Komelkova in the film "A zori zeds tikhie" ("And dawns are quiet here") by Boris Vasilyev's story of the same name, directed by S. Rostotsky. The film became a cult in the Soviet Union and gained Ostroumova universal love and popularity. "And dawns are quiet here" won the prizes of IFF (International Film Festival) in Venice (1972) and AUFF (All-Union Film Festival) in Alma-Ata (1973). It was the best film of 1972 due to the poll of "Sovietsky Ekran" ("The Soviet Screen") magazine.

Ostroumva herself considers her best work in the cinema to be a role of Vasilisa in film "Vasiliy and Vasilisa" by Irina Poplavskaya. The public loves Olstoumova for the role in comedy "Garage" by Eldar Ryazanov. For 30 years of cinema and theatre career Olga Ostroumova performed very different roles and experiences triumph and recognition. Her personal charm and dignity as well as her catching, sparkle talent is seen in every her role. Ostroumova lives in Moscow and works in "Mossovet" theatre.

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