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Marina Neyolova

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Marina Neyolova

Marina Mstislavovna Neyolova is a Soviet and Russian film and theatre actress. She was born in Leningrad and finished Leningrad Cinema, Music and Theatre Institute. After the gradation Neyolova became an actress on "Lenfilm" studio.

Since 1972 she is an actress in "Mossovet" theatre and later a leading actress of "Sovremennik" theatre were she is working at the moment. Neyolova played parts in Russian and world classical plays. She was awarded a State prize of Russian Federation on 2001 for the part of Elizavet in drama "Igraem Shillera" ("We Play Shiller") She made a debut in the cinema being a 3rd year student and played in film "Staraya, staraya skazka" ("A Very Old Story"). Her first roles in the cinema were of a fairy tale and romantic heroines, she played in "Prints i nishchiy" ("The Prince and the Pauper"), "Slomannaya podkova" (The broken plate), "Ten'" (Shadow).

Neyolova further roles in the cinema showed that she was a bright dramatic actress as well (a role in "Monolog" (Monologue) and was especially successful to embody tender, spontaneous, natural and fragile yet independent characters: a part of Stesha in film "S toboy i bez tebya" ("With You and Without You"), a part of Alla in "Osenniy marafon" ("Autumn Marathon"), Nina Georgiyevna in "Fotografii na stene" ("Photos on the wal").

Neyolova has appeared in 37 films many of which have become classic of the Soviet cinema and worked with such prominent directors as: Illia Averbakh, Semen Aranovich, Eldar Ryazanov, Mikhail Kozakov, Vadim Abdrashidov, Rodion Nakhapetov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Roman Balayan and others.

From the middle of the 80th Marina Neyolova acted quire rarely and appeared in both dramatic and tragicomical roles. She made an impact in drama "Dorogaya Yelena Sergeevna" ("Dear Yelena Sergeyevna") by Eldar Ryazanov, playing a schoolteacher driven to suicide by corrupt students. Her heroine Natasha in film "Ty u menya odna" ("You Are My Only Love") by Dmitri Astrakhan creates sympathy and compassion. Neyolova's role of criminal investigator Elena Shmeliova in film "Tyuremnyy romans" ("The prison romance"), based on real life story deeply touched the audience. Neyolova's heroine falls in love with a criminal whose case she sits over.

Marina Neelova is a holder of various awards and prizes and a People's Actor of Russia. She is a wife of Russian diplomat Kirill Gevorkyan and is currently living partly in Moscow and partly in Amsterdam. Neelova is an actress of "Sovremennik" theatre.

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