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The golden Ring of Russia. Famous Russia's kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals.

Gus-Khrustalny, Ples, Murom, Uglich, Yuryev-Polsky, Travel, Palekh, Aleksandrov, Kalyazin, Gorodets.

Cities of Russia's Golden Ring tour.

Nikolo-Naberezhnaya church, XVIII century. Murom, Russia.

Apart from originally included into the tourist route of Golden Ring, many more are associated with it now. They are optionally includes in to the Golden Ring tours. Each of them is a precious gem in Russia's Golden ring with its unique history and role in political, cultural and religious history of the country.


Murom is one of the oldest Russian cities founded in 862, on the bank of the Oka river. An epic hero of Russian legends and fairy tales, Ilya Muromets was believed to live in Murom. The monument to Ilya Muromets is one of the city's attractions.

Today's city is an important railway and has a river port and a number of industrial enterproces. Murom remains an important cultural center. Its local museum is often called "a little Hermitage" for the unique Russian and West European art collections containing over 50 thousand of exhibits. The Saviour Monastery, The Trinity Monastery, the Church of the Virgin of Kazan, the Belfry, walls and towers and the wooden Church of Sergey Radonezh, the Monastery of the Annunciation, one of the best-preserved and impressive monasteries in Murom are among the important historical and religious sights of Murom.

Murom is the place where Russians saints Peter and Fevronia, the patrons of Christian marriage were born. Annual Russian holiday - Russian Family Day is celebrated in the city.


The name of the town may be translated as "crystal goose", for it is known as one of the oldest centers of glass industry in Russia and stands on the Gus (Goose) River. The city was founded mid-18th century with the construction of a crystal plant and was well-known in Russia and abroad as the national center of glassmaking. In 2011 the plant however was closed.

Founded in 1893 Museum of Crystal Glassware is located in the red-bricked St.George Cathedral reflects the history of Russian glass making from the 18th century till modern times

Wooden church, Ples, Russia

Ples (Plyos)

This small Russian town on Volga river was made famous by a Russian artist Isaac Levitan. Inspireв by the natural beauty of its scenery Levitan created more then 200 landscapes while staying in Ples.

Ples was founded in 1410, and enjoyed the fame of one largest river fish suppliers to the kings' court during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. In 19th century It was Mecca for Russian artists and a popular resort for clerisy because of its picturesque nature.

Nowadays Ples is the smallest city of the Golden Ring with the population of only 2,5 citizens. Even though not all historical monuments survived in Ples, it boasts some of the oldest churches and cathedrals: Assumption Cathedral (1699), St. Peter and Paul Church (1841), the ensemble of the Trinity Church (1808, 1828.), the Transfiguration Church (1849), and St. Barbara Church (1821). Plyos is popular among artists and tourist for its scenery, historical sites, museums and art exhibitions.


Uglich takes a special place in Russian history as it is where the ancient Rurik dynasty ended with the death of young Prince Dimitri (Tsarevich Dmitry), son of Ivan the Terrible. He stabbed himself by accident whike playing with a knife. Others believe he was a martyr in the fight for the throne. The image of tsarevich with a knife in his hand was adopted as the town's emblem. Church of Prince Dimitri on the Blood is built on the place of Tsarevich Dmitry's death in (1692). It is now a part of Uglich Kremlin.

Wide streets, abundance of ancient churches and monasteries, numerous domestic and international festivals and fairs as well as traditional crafts make Uglich a popular tourist attraction, often included into the Golden ring tour.

Palekh Folk casket


Palekh has a very long history in Russian iconography, the art of painting Russian Orthodox icons for homes and churches. The village emerged as a leading center of Russian icon- and mural-painting in the nineteenth century. Today, Palekh is known primarily for Palekh miniature. A Russian folk handicraft of miniature painting is done with tempera paints on varnished articles made of papier-mâché (small boxes, cigarette and powder cases). The art of Palekh miniatures expresses the true national character. Many examples of Palekh art have received recognition at international exhibitions and have become world-known.


Archangel Michael Monastery in Yuryev-Polsky, Russia

Yuryev-Polsky was founded by the Yury Dolgoruky in 1152 and named after the prince. The second part is derived from the word polsky meaning "in the fields".

It is now a small town Vladimir Oblast, located on the Koloksha River. The major attraction of the town is Saint George Cathedral, latest pre-Mongol construction in Russia, personally designed by Russian Prince Sviatoslav. It is the burial place of the prince and is now a World Heritage site. Massive stone walls of the cathedral are richly carved in human and animal forms and floral ornaments. Monastery of the Archangel Michael that houses Museum of History, Architecture and Art is another fine example of Russian architecture of the 18th century.

Town's beautiful landscapes – Yurievo Opolie - inspired Russian artists and writers Repin, Tyutchev, Odoevsky, Soloukhin.


The flooded belltower on river Volga, Kalyazin, Russia

This small town with almost 14 thousand people population is located on Volga River in Tver Ollast. It appeared in the 12th century and was an important religious center in the 15th century, after the foundation of Makaryevsky Monastery.

In 1940, the monastery and most of the old town were flooded during the construction of the Uglich Hydroelectric Station, which created the Uglich Reservoir. After that, the town was effectively relocated to a new, higher spot. The Belfry of the Nikolsky cathedral that is now towering in the over the waters on the Volga River is the most eye-catching landmark of Kalyazin. It acquired the name Flooded Belfry and has a small pier for boats. A divine service is held in the belfry several times a year.


Aleksandrov was founded in the 16th century and primarily named Alexandrov Sloboda. It was the residence of Ivan the Terrible where the tsar proclaimed the establishment of his select, terror-inspiring corps, the Oprichniki. Aleksandrov was one of the leading textile manufacturing centers in Russia in the 19th century.

Today it is the administrative center and a travel site of Russia’s Golden Ring with the population of 112 thousand people. In 1970 Aleksandrov was listed among the 115 cities having historical, cultural and architectural importance protected by the Sate. Among the town’s landmarks most significant are Pokrovsky (Troitsky) Cathedral (1515), the Trinity Cathedral of the Dormition Monastery (1513) - a palace church of the Tsar residence is the most grandiose and majestic structure of Alexandrova Sloboda, the Intercession Church (16th century), The Assumption Church (16-17thI century), The Crucifixion Church-Belfry (16th century), Tsvetaeva Museum – and others.


Is one of the oldest Russian settlements on Volga river, founded in 1152 by Prince Yury Dolgoruky as a fortress. It gained the status of a town in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in 1922. The chief historic monuments of Gorodets—the Trinity Cathedral (1644), St. Nicholas Church (1672), and Feodorovsky Monastery. The town is known as the national arts and crafts center.

Gorodets painting is one of the most famous folk arts and crafts of Russia. Gorodets is also called a town-museum for the significant bunch of museums and arts galleries it houses. Most interesting are Gingerbread Museum and the Samovar Museum and Museum of kindness.

More cities of Russian Golden Ring

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