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Russian women and their hobbies. Most popular hobbies of modern Russian women.

Why women take on hobbies. Hobby as a moneymaking business.

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Why hobbies are important for women. The benefits of having a hobby.

It is not worth dividing hobbies on basis of sexes. Anything a man can do and enjoy can bring a woman satisfaction and pleasure. However there are some things like cold steel arms or autos a woman would seldom be passionate about.

Hobbies, pastimes or rather passions or interests are extremely necessary in woman's life. Modern Russian women live hectic lives. Their days are fixed upon numerous to-do lists, job obligations and family chores and taking care of children. Women can hardly find time to do something for themselves, just for pleasure, do what they love.

Russian women are expected to share their energy with the spouse, the children, friends and colleagues. To give back, a person has to have a chance to recharge and refresh himself, find time for personal pleasures and doing things for enjoyment. Times off, holidays, travelling, doing sports and shopping can give a woman new lease of life, help her find time to be herself and chance to revitalize mind and body.

The hobbies are important as they help relieve stress. By taking time for herself and, doing what she loves a woman can generally feel happier and live a more fulfilled life. Woman's hobbies are a great outlet for creativity. Taking part in various master classes and exhibitions, trying to acquire new skills is challenging and provides a positive learning experience. Besides hobbies help make friends that have common interests.

Lots of hobbies like home made cosmetics and skin and hair care production make a woman feel and look better, they make her feel more like a woman, and bring out the feminine side of her. Hobbies are a great means to lead a healthy life style and get out of the daily routine and regular comfort zone by the TV or computer.

Russian women and their hobbies. Most popular hobbies among Russian women.

A beautiful young Russian brunette with a knitted scarf

Handiwork remains most popular hobby for Russian women. Needlework and especially embroidery or needle painting has had an age-long tradition in Russia. Traditional Russian clothes and household linen was decorated with embroidery or woven pattern. Needlepoint patterns were not just a decoration of a traditional costume but had a symbolic meaning, possessed supernatural powers, could heal or be a communication tool. Today’s interest in needlepoint embroidery among the Russian is on the upswing. Kits and accessories for embroidery remain the most popular sale in hobby shops in Russia. The second to rate is probably beadweaving.

Handmade is a top popular tag word in Russian online hobby communities and hobby blogs. It is no longer translated into Russian and is immediately understood. Nowadays hand made culture is fashionable among the women and generates a growing number of handmade sales, exhibitions, special interest clubs and shops selling hand made supplies. Hand made includes various types of crochet and knitting that spread in Russian from the end of the 19th century and has a bump in popularity today. Crafts like felting, plastic art and dolls making has recently gotten a rebirth in Russia. Hand felted valenki is no longer an outdate footwear of Russian rural population, and a tribute to traditional Russian clothes but a fashionable accessory of female citizens of Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Made in rich colors and decorated with embroidery they may cost a fortune. Scrapbooking, decoupage, quilling, aerography, batik, origami, soap making, patchwork, home-made candles, lampwork are relatively new to Russian women but already have lots of admirers.

Russian woman picking ripe cowberies

Russian women have always taken an interest in beauty care. Homemade cosmetics and soap making is one of top popular hobbies now. It does not only let a woman feel or look better but also encourages her study basic chemistry and oils properties and involves a great deal of experimenting with natural ingredients and design.

Almost every Russian woman has a number of folk medicine recipes and amateur herbal formulas at use for both health improving and cosmetology purposes. Ask your Russian female friend if she has a notebook where folk remedies for flue, headache, stomachage, toosthache, hair care and skin care are listed.

Inhabitants of rich in natural resources regions like Karelia have mushroom picking and berry picking their part time business. While city dwellers just spend weekends to get out of city and pick curing herbs and wild berries combining collecting dogrose, elderberry, cowberry blueberry, walnuts, hazel-nut, black thorn, thyme, John's-wood, yarrow with a nice walk, photography or just friend’s talk.

Russian girl cooking for pleasure

Such berry and mushroom picking tours to the countryside not only a leisure activity but a valuable source of bio-products that Russian females can and preserve for winter. Canning and preserving along with sharing recipes and discussing techniques is a real hobby for some Russian women. Ladies start blogs, take photos of the products they make as well as give advice and discuss details.

In general cooking blogs and forums compete popularity with handmade recourses. They impress with the creativity and enthusiasm Russian women show in the kitchen and can be a good source of information even for an experienced chef. These are the women who do most of the cooking in Russian families; many do it for pleasure cooking for others like the family and friends. It’s been always a high appraisal for a Russian woman to be titled a good and creative cook. Many women are experts in cookware, bakeware, cutlery and various kitchen utensils picking up modern novelties and trying up-to date culinary techniques like fruit and vegetable caving, sugar and gum paste for cakes decorating, etc. Cooking enthusiasts do not only master traditional Russian cuisine, but also experiment with national menus of different countries. Cook books and books of recipes usually receive thumbs up as a gift for a Russian woman. Those who find cooking as more than a pastime and as a serious hobby even enroll in cooking classes. Some join cooking communities where people meet to cook and then eat a meal together while polishing their skills and finding companions.

Gardening or working at a dacha is somewhat national Russian activity, which most retired women are busy with. It has a number of health and psychological benefits as well as material results. A considerable number of Russian people have dachas (pieces of land with or without a small house) as it was possible to get the land for free during the Soviet times. Working in the garden helps stay alive and kicking which is extremely important for elderly women who have very limited pastime activities in Russia. Moreover it is not common for the elderly people to go to dance classes or yoga or visit clubs For some people own produce grown at dachas and hobby greenhouses is a source of steady supply of fruit and greens and valuable means of cutting the family food budget.

As landscaping is gaining more popularity in Russia more women take it on as a hobby and show increasing interest in garden design.

A less laborious but not least enjoying and rewarding hobby lots of women gravitate to is growing indoor plants. It can be anything from a casual pastime to a serious hobby turning homes into to indoor greenhouse. Women invest considerable time and money into buying plants on fairs and form catalogues, collecting info on plantcare and plantbreeding as well as exchanging sprouts. Most popular home plants in Russia are violets, cactuses and orchids.

A beautiful Russian violinist

Music is what most people name as their hobby. It may be listening to music, collecting records and CDs, being a hobby musical instrument player, singing in a chorus or playing in a band. Music is a universal hobby. One does not have to be strong or intelligent or even have an ear to music to enjoy it. It liberates of any limitations that one can impose on himself. Enjoying music does not require a special place or time or extra expenses. A player with headphones will drive you away into a different world from wherever you are. Music brings relief of the daily grind and allows you to unwind. It evokes the best feelings and does make a person better. You can be amazed to know how many Russian women used to attend the musical school in their junior years (it starts at 7 in Russia). Some did not even touch the instrument for years then. Others had had it as a dream and could finally make it come true at the mature age. Piano, guitar and violin are most popular musical instruments to learn. Almost only option for adults is the private tuition. Some women go beyond just enjoying the music and home and occasional playing or singing for the family. Craving for development and social activity they join local amateur bands, most often Russian folk music and even perform on the stage. In general Russians have a strong singing tradition. A rare table feast in Russia can do without singing. A group of elderly women singing in a park just for pleasure is feature of many Russian cities.

Numismatics, collecting dolls, vintage porcelain figurines antique ceramics pottery, dinnerware and dishes or other rarities is often a hobby for those interested in history. It involves lots of study and analysis as well as mastering recovery methods. Collectors are frequent visitors of flea markets, street fairs and online auctions.

Historical rarities hunters are often members of military-historical clubs. Where they take part in staged reconstructions of famous battles and learn to ride and shoot. Women – members the clubs perform roles of war nurses and vivandieres. They often sew costumes of uniform on their own purchasing or trading single items from the collectors, studying paintings, photos and historical books. Membership to such clubs in Russia is open to everyone that shares an interest in world and national military history, wants to take part in reenactments of military drills, and collaborative performances. Annual re-enactor shows in Russia and Ukraine are the reconstruction of epic Battle of Borodino, (the Bataille de la Moskova) in Borodino, Moscow, Alma battle near Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Storm of Sapun Hill reenactment that takes place in Sevastopol before Victory Day and many others.

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