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Russian women beauty secrets. Health care and beauty care.

Russian women beauty secrets: Balanced diet, workout in a gym, dance classes, fitness, aerobics classes

Beautiful Russian girl in a spa

Health care and beauty care: Sauna, banya, healthy life style etc.

Russian women beauty is one of the most notorious topics that frequently provokes hot discussions of internet forums and blogs and causes endless speculations of dating services.

This is a true fact however that Russian women are beautiful and this facts lures foreign grooms and scouting agents. The country has its share of beauties probably due to genes mixture because of invasions from other races all along the ages of Russian history. Besides, Russia is a vast country thus it's bound to have a few.

Russian women got the reputation of the most beautiful females in the world not only due to the cultural heritage and genes but also to the fact that they care about their appearance and take time and effort to enhance their looks. Partly this is explained by the is pretty bad ratio of men to women that makes women take care of themselves and dress nicer just to keep up. It is also in a Russian culture, that a woman should look good no matter where she goes. This explains a great number of amazingly looking women right in the streets of Russian cities.

Beautiful Russian dancer

However women in Russia also have willingness to put in the time to look good and enjoy taking care of themselves and dressing nice. Russian women are very seldom overweight, they are often fit and have good figures. Many to stay thin by exercise and eating Russian cuisine. Almost all Russian women can cook well, understand nutrition, and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Fitness, yoga, aerobics classes, working out in a gym, dance classes is gaining more and more popularity in Russia while fitness industry in Russia is developing fast. Fitness clubs network have sprung up all over the former Soviet Union, where sport was a national obsession for long years of communist rule. Healthy life style and working out is becoming more and more fashionable in Russia and spreads fast among Russian women. Fitness clubs and health spas are two of the most popular businesses in Russia. Besides ice skating rinks, swimming pools, saunas, stadiums and various sport facilities are available in many Russian cities. Russian women like to keep their bodies fully toned, and many even not invidually wealthy women try to balance the budget to be able to afford sports facilities.

Beautiful Russian girl relaxing in bath

Women in Russia walk lots more compared to American or European women. Despite having a driver's license many do not drive or cannot afford a car and thus walk on daily basis going to a bust stop or the subway.

In the Soviet Union there was a limited market for female beauty (compared to Western countries). And Russian women had limited options to get good beauty products or dress fashionable. World famous makeup brands were extremely hard to get. Quality skin care and makeup products, fragrance and perfume, body and hair care products were the subject of real hunt which is reflected in comic situations often shown in Soviet films of that epoch.

Nowadays markets and globalization make various beauty supplies available in Russian. World leading cosmetics manufacturers open shops on Russian high streets in all big Russian cities and find most grateful and regular customers in nation's female population. Perhaps no other cosmetics market in the world is as hot as Russia's. Even though the financial cost of all of this is quite often much more than a Russian woman can afford.

Women in Russia and Ukraine have learned to shop online for discount perfume, fragrances, cosmetics, skincare and hair care in the world leading online beauty boutiques and are used to splitting scents and join various perfume decanting communities. Home made cosmetics, like soap, crème, lotions making has generated from a simple hobby to a private business for some women in Russia . Using natural ingredients to gain good results in beauty and health care is what Russians are true experts in. Beauty recipes have been stored in families and passed to grown up daughters for years. Traditional Russian banya with its massage therapy was one of the first and still immensely popular health care and relaxation facility.

It is all time rule for many women in Russia not to leave home without make up whatever the occasion or part of the day is. The Russian cult of makeup is what westerners often tease about. Russian women prefer bright and trendy looks and are usually better made up than women in Europe or the US. Hair, eye lashes and nail extensions and body hair removal are extremely popular services in Russian hair and nail salons nowadays. A beauty shop, beauty body center, beauty center spa, solarium, medical beauty center or beauty body center is something many Russian women visit regularly saving up on necessities.

A sexy blond Russian woman in a fur coat

Beauty parlours and clinics offer a wide range of procedures of cosmetology using modern technologies and up-to-date equipment in order to satisfy Russian women's growing demand in beauty care facilities. Services including medical skin care treatment, liposuction, laser treatments, abdominoplasty, peels, facelift or plastic and breast surgery are available in not only wealthy cities in Russia but in the regions. Botox injections as wrinkle treatment procedure and especially to enhance the beauty of the lips has become a real obsession for Russian women which leads to dramatic transformation sometimes. Russian silicon and Botox girls even make a community and call themselves "devushki-mukly" after Mooqla dolls.

Elective cosmetic surgery, tattoos, and body piercings that are commonplace among young American females are by far not the massive obsession for Russian women. In Russia the woman mostly do not have tattoos on their bodies. In the FSU there is still some association between tattoos and prisons. However, they are becoming somewhat fashionable among young people, at least in larger cities (there are tattoo parlors everywhere in Moscow, Kiev and other big cities now) offering tons of cute tattoo designs for women. Most women in Russia prefer temporary decorative ones and avoid permanent tattoos. And most of the women getting them are keeping them covered up. The top popular places are lower back tattoo (especially popular recently with the whole hip hugger jeans), ankle tattoos, belly button area.

Cosmetic tattooing though is growing demand. Permanent makeup like lip coloring tattoo to enhance the contour of the lips, permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and even cheek blush are available in almost all the beauty parlors.

Hair styles are something Russian women pay much attention to. They often dye hair, and use color in a sophisticated way and have trendy hair styles generally preferring longer hair to haircuts. Women in Russia go to hair beauty salons to style hair for various occasions, thus the profession of a hairdresser or hair stylist is quite popular and there are a great number of hair salons in Russian cities.

Russian women are very fashion conscious. The way Russian women dress up always amazes foreigners visiting the country. Russian women wear very tight clothes that show off their assets and generally like to look hot. They tend to dress very well often wearing their life's savings. The way a person looks and dresses up has always ment much in Russia. Russian proverbs reflect this attitude to clothes. "You can't tell a book by its cover" with its Russian variant "Vstrechaut po odezhke provozhaut po umu" (first you judge "how nice", then you judge "how wise'") has also a different meaning of first part of this proverb with the emphasis on "Good clothes open all doors..." The addiction to adornments, fur and eye catching details in traditional Russian clothes has preserved till today. Fine fur is no doubt a dream of many Russian women.

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