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Russian women and cars. Car insurance.

Female motoring in Russia. Car loans. Car hire.

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Russian women and Car service. Car rental. Auto insurance.

Russia is experiencing a boost in a female motoring. The number of Russian women drivers has increased dramatically during the recent years. A new class of female professionals emerged who use the car to take their children to school or a sports club, shopping around, call upon her hairdresser, and be at work in time. This generates massive increase in the number of females attending driver's license classes. However not all Russian women have a car. It is still an expensive commodity for many. And car rentals are still relatively rare in Russia.

But as the country's economy continues to grow, so does the number of cars on the road. Foreign auto manufacturers invest heavily in Russia. With Nissan, Toyota, General Motors plants in Saint Petersburg area, Volkswagen in Kaluga Oblast, and even more expected soon, the number of foreign cars produced in Russia surged from 157,179 in 2005 to 627,1 thousand passenger cars in 2010. Auto insurance is compulsory in Russia.

Female motoring: An ape with a grenade?

Russian women drivers in Russia are still a subject to prejudice. Driving a car is considered a male activity and the majority of men are absolutely sure women drivers should be banned once and forever. The expression "женщина за рулем" (zenchina za ruliom) - "a woman at the wheel" - immediately causes endless, often humiliating, jokes. There even exists the conception of "women's manner of driving" and "a woman-style parking" to laugh at. Anecdotes about blonde Russian women drivers make a part of Russian humor. There is a common expression in Russian comparing a woman-driver to an ape with a grenade. The same danger, unpredictability and silly behavior is immediately expected from a Russian woman on the road despite the driving experience she might have.

Cars preferences: new cars purchase prevailing

Russian women prefer brand new cars and would rarely consider purchase of used cars at sales due to numerous reasons. In Russia you must be an auto expert to buy a car at used car sales. Besides, women plan to drive shopping, taking a child to school or driving to work, - not deal with constant repair and service. Thus they would rather save up or take a car loan but avoid a used vehicle purchase. Russian cars makes are the cheapest here now and many people drive them. But those who have enough money, and especially young ones, would rather have foreign cars.

In general after the 2009 financial crisis Russian car market roars back to life. Already in 2010 Russia went up to its historic fifth place in Europe in terms of car production after Germany, France, the UK, and Italy. The increase of consumer confidence index, credits availability and soft-lending schemes stimulate Russia’s car market considerable growth. The banks’ experts also register the growth in prosperity of Russian population which lets people invest into new cars rather than save up money.

So much of the reason for the car sales boom in Russia is an ongoing scrappage programme. Under the terms of the scheme, vehicle owners who trade in a car that is 10 or more years old, receive a Ruble 50,000 (US$1,670) certificate to be used as a discount off the price of any Russian-assembled model.

As for the market leaders in car sales various sources rank top car makes differently, however the top 10 include: AvtoVAZ, the Russian market's long-time number one vehicle manufacturer (top models are Priora, Kalina and Samara ), Chevrolet, Kia, then go Hyundai, Renault, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Daewoo и Ford. Territory wise, experts note that increased car purchasing is not limited to Central Russia, but that people in the Volga region, Siberia and the Ural also want to drive cars.

Women in Russia usually prefer hatchbacks or compacts of bright colors that are more visisble on the road and have attractive design. And of course smaller cars are much easier to park, parking slots being a huge problem in big Russian cities .

Russian women driving style: cautious and less aggressive. Car accidents

Russian women are accused of being too emotional and unpredictable on the roads, and mixing up transmissions and indicator lights. However, it may only turn out that such women are just the beginners. Mass female driving is a relatively new phenomenon in Russia. Thus women began to learn how to drive not so long ago that's why their driving techniques are not so well-developed as those of men. Women tend to obey all kinds of rules, which seems to be an annoying factor for men drivers. They are generally more cautious on the road and less aggressive then men, follow traffic rules and rarely speed. There are fewer women fined for DWI (DUI), and Russian women create less dangerous situations on the roads then men-drivers.

On the other hand men believe there are some certain driving patterns that let them spot a woman on the road. Like if a woman drives a divided highway, she would go straight on the median or always fails to drive at the average speed of the city traffic. The most annoying thing with the women is the way they make turns. They never give a proper turn signal when drive a roadway, leave a parked position, change traffic lanes, etc. Give a left turn signal and turn to the right is very characteristic of Russian women–drivers according to men complaints.

Russian woman trouble on the road

Women and auto repairs/maintenance

It is generally believed in Russia, for example, that female drivers treat their cars like a tin. Wiping the windshield is considered the maximum what a woman can do trying to take care of her transport means. It is unlikely that a Russian woman fixes a car or gets knowledgeable about the technical details, however she is a regular customer of repair shop for service and has repair and maintenance done on regular basis.

Car rental service is relatively new in Russia and has lots of women-targeted products. This may be especially attractive for women as let them avoid car service. Yet to hire a car is affordable for the citizens of megapolices mainly.

Car insurance

The significant growth of the female drivers on Russian roads makes Russian car insurance firms Introduce the gender-specific cheap car insurance adopting the experience of western countries where female car insurance deals have been popular for some while already.

Russian insuring companies take into account the difference in male and female drivers and offer the possibility for Russian women to qualify for a cheaper motor insurance quotes than men. But this isn't because they have fewer crashes. Women generally make fewer, less expensive claims.

Besides women in Russian tend to have smaller in size and cheaper cars than men which defines the rate of insurance. Women are more cautions drivers and are involved major car crash risks much more seldom then men. Claims by women drivers tend to be for minor bumps and scrapes as opposed to expensive write offs which means cheaper premiums to pay.

On the other hand women are more helpless on the road when it comes to some technical issues. They would rather call to the car-care center then try to deal with the conkouts by themselves. This is also defines the quotes of women's car insurance. Some companies in Russia start to offer women-only car insurance policies. Quite often these offers have age, car make and price and region limitations.

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