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Russian women active hobbies.

Rare and extreme hobbies. Athletic hobbies. Thrilling and challenging activities.

Russian woman paddling canoe in a summer environment

Active and athletic hobbies

Why do people take up active or extreme hobbies? Some participate in active hobbies they've enjoyed since childhood, while others feel inspired to boldly try new things. Active hobbies strengthen body, stimulate mind and boost well being. They develop an existing interest or help discover something entirely new to be passionate about. The possibilities are many and there is definitely something out there for everyone. Active hobbies depend on a person's needs, physical abilities, and resources to discover new activities.

Women in Russia eagerly take on different athletic hobbies pursuing both health and beauty benefits. Fitness as a hobby is probably most popular past time. Yoga, pilates, callanetics, stretching, BodyFlex are relatively new trends in Russia but have already attracted lots of admirers. It wins women of all shapes, ages and sizes.

Martial arts like Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu, Kendo, Judo, Capoeira are considered men’s hobby in Russia. Yet has fans among women who strive to control their physical abilities to avoid violence in daily life. More and more women choose extreme and challenging sport as their hobbies.

There is no longer a surprise to see a Russian woman surfer, rock climber, skateboarder, in-line skater, kayaker, freediver. For years this was the area where men led, yet both professional and amateur competitions on dangerous sports see more women-participants. More moderate hiking, walking, geocaching (relatively new in Russia), camping or just being out in nature has a great revitalizing power for the mind a body and thus become good hobbies for working women. This is not only recreation, but fitness and cultural experience.

Wintertime fishing

Hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing as a traditional Russian industry and fun attracts males mainly. However a rare woman would refuse the opportunity to stay outdoors and fish. For many is not always about catching the fish. It is more about excitement, relaxation socialization and a chance to get back out to the outdoors with the family. Once tried fly-fishing women soon become hooked themselves and turn into real reelgirls. In general women are considered to be naturally better anglers then men due to their slower and more understanding relationship with nature. Nowadays recreational fishing is developing in Russia, conservation clubs and fishing spots with infrastructure and services are being created. Fishing tours are arranged to Kamchatka and Karelia.

Wintertime fishing is mainly a male hobby, yet some women dare try this extreme activity. Severe Russian winters make it a real survival test. The experts say there is little use going fishing when the outdoor temperature is 12 degrees below zero (10.4 Fahrenheit ). Besides, ice fishing starts when the river or a lake is fully covered with ice. Ice anglers have to make a hole in the ice that is usually more then 10 cm thick. Otherwise it can be broken under one’s weight. Making a hole with hand auger and a saw (usually several holes are necessary) requires male’s strength, so women usually just accompany men in winter fishing. Wintertime fishing fans say there is nothing compared to the moment you pull the fish out of the water after hours of waiting in the frost. This is real thrill and reward one can not feel while fishing in summer.

In winter they fish for burbot, perch, ruff, pike perch and loach and pike, gudgeon and other fish that keeps moving in cold water. Podmoskovye lakes and rivers, Prikamye (a region near the Kama River in the west of the Ural Mountains), Astrakhan oblast, Chelyabinsk oblast, Ulyanovsk oblast are popular areas for wintertime fishing in Russia.

Russian biker babe

Billiards and bowling

Russian women keep up with men in billiards and bowling. Even though Russian men remain a bit chauvinistic towards female billiards and treat is mainly as posing and seeking dates, women in Russia approach billiards and pool as entertainment or gambling, but also as a kind of athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and developing eye and coordination. Women take part in both domestic and international billiards and pool championships.


It is hard to draw alike between a hobby and lifestyle sometimes. When it comes to motorcycling, it's more like a way of life, ideology, social status or obsession in Russia. For some it remains a thrilling hobby though. Russian motorbike fans are called bikers. Rocker is term of 1980th. The Moto-Culture in the ex-USSR countries has its own, non-ordinary history, which takes beginning in early 80th. The first Russian motor gangs were “Cozaks” and «Night Wolves” with Aleksandr 'Khirurg' ('Surgeon') as it’s head. Khirurg is undisputed leader of the Russian biker movement. The Moscow Night Wolves bike club is also one of the organizers of the annual International Bike Show held near Gasfort Lake in Sevastopol. It is one of the major motorcycle events held in post-Soviet states and attracts bikers from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Serbia, the United States and Israel. Some other international bikers’ festivals are: "Goblin Show in Odessa, Ukraine, “Tarasova Gora” Motor Festival in Cherkassy, Ukraine, “Motoyaroslavest”, Kaluga, Russia, Motor festival in Kaliningrad, Russia, festival “Facing to the Ocean” in Vladivostok, Russia, Bike-Open "Bereg Mowgli” in Nizhniy Novgorod. Various hard rock bands performances guests from all worlds, dance groups, rivers of beer and spectacular fireworks are always the feature of bike shows.

How about Russian biker babes? There are wheels fans among women too. And they have their own Russian woman’s motorcycle club. It is a voluntary public sport union that comprises representatives from 56 regions of Russia. The members take part in the annual International Female Ride Day campaign and are surely present at the bike shows. Ukraine has its own Rolling Butterly MFC in Dnepropetrovsk.

Rock climbing

The amassing number of women try or really go rock climbing. This is probably the challenges and triumphs of mountaineering that appeal to them most of all. Climbing is rarely about actual strength. It is more about the balance and overall strength, experts in climbing say.

Taking up rock climbing often depends on where a person lives. The rocky areas are more likely to suggest this type of activity. But this does not set a limit to a real rock girl. Russia has lots of possibilities to try both professional and amateur mountaineering. Famous Russian places for rock climbing are located in the central Ural, Karelia, Altai, Krasnodar region, Krasnoyarsk region, Irkutsk, Volgograd region and others. Some not only climb outdoors but regularly visit climbing gym or the indoor climbing scene which is available in major fitness clubs in Russia. Rock climbing championships (bouldering), ice climbing competitions regularly take place in the country. This is not only a risky but also rather expensive activity. As quality rock climbing equipment such as harnesses, rope, carabines, protection cost much.

Russian girl kayaker with an oar on the water

Paddle sports and kayaking

Water sports kayaking clubs are growing rapidly in Russia now as the admires of this adrenaline activity are multiplying each year. Today's free spirited, adventurous, capable women are embracing active outdoor recreation as never before. The sea kayak is more and more often becoming a vehicle of choice.

Kayaking is fun, drive, incredible spirit of freedom, adventures, and a time spent on the company of enthusiasts. The growing popularity of kayaking boosts the appearance of kayaking sports clubs and rafting tours. Shuya river in Karelia, Russia hosts the majority of the tours. The experienced kayakers take tour to the waterfalls Priladozhie (Karelia) and Altai.

Kayaking is fastest-growing recreations among women. They mainly choose sea and lake kayaking simply because it is safe, gives a chance to get to beautiful, hidden places on lakes or the sea coast. Most whitewater kayakers are males. Relatively few whitewater kayakers are women who more seldom are inclined to challenging swift rivers. To try whitewater kayaking one has to go to Siberia, Ural, Transbaikal (Dauria). However the training is possible locally as most of major Russian cities have playspots that are available for freestyle during flooding.

Another adventurous paddle sport is canoeing. Russian kayakers outnumber canoeists and thus there are more spots, training and equipment options for kayaking in the country. Unfortunately the domestic production of kayaking gear, rafting supplies and boating equipment is limited and is hard to buy. Imported gear and accessories are available in the market.

A pretty young Russian woman riding a horse

Horse riding

A modern Russian women has unlimited access to various activities. Among other active hobbies horse hiding has become increasingly popular pastime in recent years. Horse riding is a fun and easy activity that can be suitable for almost everyone. A growing number of riding clubs offer horseback riding lesson for both children and adults of almost any age.

Why do women take this hobby? A Russian writer said that riding a horse one can feel the joy of flying without actually taking off. It is first of all a great activity for fitness and health as it tones the whole body and develops coordination and balance. Secondly riding a horse is fun and enjoyment that helps relax and unwind from all the troubles of contemporary life. Horse riding helps a person builds confidence, self discipline and communication skills. Steering a horse towards to, cueing it to jump over the obstacle or gallop, calmly and confidently without barking orders to or pushing and pulling an animal too hard requires skills and understanding the horse. Schooling is always a challenge before one can make the animal respond to his commands. Those who are really passionate about horses say these animals make them better people as it is not possible to communicate a horse without care, compassion and devotion. Besides, horseback riding is beautiful hobby. Hardly any woman would refuse a chance to look like an Amazon in the saddle with her hair wave in the wind, enjoying the power of controlling a huge animal. In fact horseback riding requires equestrian clothing like riding breeches or pants, gloves, hats and boots, and even helmets for beginners.

The passion to horse riding starts with a couple of beginner’s rides and lessons once a week, usually with an instructor on a manege in a local riding club. Then a person tries a trek and hack out in the open. Becoming a regular member of a horse riding club often means not only talking part ion different activities like shows, events and competitions and even medieval knights shows, but regular chores of feeding, grooming and bathing the horse, mucking stalls and general care for an animal and the equipment. Being into horse riding one once decides he wants to have his own horse. A hobby horse in Moscow and Podmoskovye oblast may cost $2000-3000. Keeping a horse is from $ 300 to 500 per month. It is possible to “rent” a horse for some time, for $200-400 per month. Besides, a whole bunch of equestrian gear is needed: like saddles, horse rugs, bridles, leather halters and so on. Horse riding

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