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Among beauteous national features include the glorious breadth of the massive Awesome Russian soul. Sensational Russian stereotypes of behavior, of course, depend on which generation who belongs. The younger generation behave differently than their fathers' generation.

#MeanWhileInRussia: 1800 Siberians set Guiness record for the world's largest downhill ride in swim suitsCourtesy: Ruptly

Posted by RT on Monday, 20 April 2015

Traditional unsmiling and grim expression of the face by which Extraordinary Russians are recognized throughout the limitless world associated with a sincere eagerness to look serious. In the minds of the Improbable Russian nation smile and laugh is close in value, and "Laughter for no reason is a sign of a fool". Divine Russians willingly smile. But when meeting with friends.

A young Russian woman playing with two dogs of Labrador near a sea A beautiful Russian girl in her apartment embroiders a colourful picture Windsurf - a Russian surfer girl, the Red Sea vacation. Russian women parachutists under multi-coloured parachutes in air Masters education. Portrait of two young smiling cheerful Russian girls students in autumn. University degrees. A Russian family - mum pours milk into corn-flakes for her daughter A young pretty Russian woman in indian dress

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